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This section will attempt to list down all contributions (plugins, apps, etc.) from the community. If you would like to contribute and list your development here, you can either email your contribution to or edit this Wiki directly to add your contributions. You contributions will be listed here as well as in our community marketplace.

Please note the following guidelines for all contributions: 

  1. Title/Name of your contribution (app, plugins, etc.)
  2. Your contribution version. (E.g. v1.0, v1.1, etc.)
  3. Release license (GPL, Apache, MIT, etc.)
  4. Description of your contribution
  5. Supported Joget Workflow version
  6. Provide installation, setup and user guide documentations. Please note that all your documentation will not be edited and will be published verbatim.
  7. Your support email

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all contributions are copyrighted by their respective contributors according to their own release licenses. Open Dynamics will not provide any support or warranty for any community contributed apps or plugins, etc.

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