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Enhanced Grid Form Element (Form Grid)

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Enhanced Grid Form Element extends the default functionalities of a typical grid element. Unlike the generic grid element that only accepts standard text field for its inputs, the Enhanced Grid Form Element captures data by making reference to another form element. Hence, one can take full advantage of what a typical form element has to offer, e.g., validation and formatting.

Figure 1: Properties of Enhanced Grid Form Element

ID Element ID
Label Element Label
Form Target form to be used for data entry
Columns Columns to be displayed in the grid. (Value must correspond to the element id in the target form
Read-only Determines if the grid is editable

Apart from setting up the columns, an external form can also be set to capture more data than what the grid actually shows. One can also define the format on the returned data.

Available Format Types

  • Text - formats the value as text
  • HTML - outputs data as HTML
  • Date - formats as date. Original Date and New Date formats are expected in the "Format" field.
    Format: [input format]|[output format]
    Example of usage:
    Original value: 5/23/2012
    Expected value: 2012/5/23
    Format: M/d/y|y/M/d
    Note: Please refer to Java SimpleDateFormat for date format.
  • Decimal - formats as decimal. Number of decimals is expected in the "Format" field.

Figure 2: Properties of Enhanced Grid Form Element - UI

Enable Sorting Feature
Determines if ordering of rows is to be enforced
Field ID for Sorting Field to keep the ordering sequence; must correspond with a field id in the target form 
Form Submit Button Label (Normal Mode) Label of the Submit button in normal mode
Form Submit Button Label (Read-only Mode) Label of the Submit button in read-only mode
Display field as Label when readonly?
Displays field values as plain text in target form when Form Grid is set to read-only 
Disable Add Feature
Determines if a new row can be added
Disable Delete Feature
Determines if a row can be removed
Delete confirm message
Confirmation message when deleting a row 
Show Row Numbering?
Shows numbering on the grid 
Popup Dialog Height
Target form dimension 
Popup Dialog Width
Target form dimension

Figure 3: Properties of Enhanced Grid Form Element - Validation

Unique Column
Field to keep the record primary key (e.g., id); must correspond with a field id in the target form
Min Number of Row Validation (Integer) Minimum number of rows allowed
Max Number of Row Validation (Integer) Maximum number of rows allowed
Error Message Custom validation error message

Enhanced Grid Form Element in a Form

Adding a new row would bring up the external form and upon submission, the data will be stored accordingly in the background and in the columns, with matching IDs.

Figure 4: Working Example of the Enhanced Grid Form Element

Figure 5: Adding New Entry in the Working Example of the Enhanced Grid Form Element

Limitation: This element may not work well when the referencing form contains Add a Grid, Enhanced Grid Form Element (Form Grid), Subforms and AJAX Sub Form.

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