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Figure 1: Form in a Userview

Userview Form is one of Userview Builder's basic elements and a very important one. It allows one to integrate forms into the Userview, allowing users to interact with each other via forms.

Figure 2: Form Properties - Edit Form

Custom ID
Link name to be used as part of the URI constructed
Name of the element
Form to be loaded for the element
Show in popup dialog?
Loads the form in a popup dialog when checked
Enables readonly for the form when checked
Display field as Label when readonly?
Displays input fields as plain text in readonly mode

Figure 3: Form Properties - Redirection

Message Shown After Form Submission
Message confirming that form has been successfully submitted
URL Redirect After Form Submission
Performs redirection to defined path (possibly a relative path) after form submission (e.g., "")
URL Redirect on Cancellation
Performs redirection to defined path (possibly a relative path) after form cancellation
Redirect Target on Cancellation
Behavior when handling a redirection on cancellation.  Available options:
  • Top Window
  • Current Window
Field Name for URL Redirect Value Passover
Defines which form field value will be used as part of the redirection URL (e.g., "id")
Field Value Passover Method
Defines how the redirect URL will be constructed. Available options:
  • Append to URL (e.g., "" where "123" is the value of the field defined in "Field Name for URL Redirect Value Passover")
  • As URL Request Parameter (e.g., "")
Request Parameter Name
If "As URL Request Parameter" is chosen as the "Field Value Passover Method", the request parameter name must be defined in this field (e.g., "page").

Figure 4: Form Properties - UI

Submit Button Label
Defines custom Submit Button name
Cancel Button Label
Defines custom Cancel Button name
Custom Header
Defines custom HTML to be appended at the top of the form 
Custom Footer
Defines custom HTML to be appended at the bottom of the form

Figure 5: Form Properties - Advanced

Userview Key Name
Defines the field ID to pre-populate the form with 
Load Data Using Userview Key?
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