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Hyperlink Action allows you to add a hyperlink to your records.

Figure 1: Hyperlink Action in Datalist Builder

Figure 2: Hyperlink Action Properties

Hyperlink URL of the link, with the following possible values:
  • Absolute URL - points to another website (like href="")
  • Relative URL - points to a file within a website (like href="default.htm")
  • Anchor URL - points to an anchor within a page (like href="#top")
Hyperlink Target The way a link is opened
Hyperlink Parameter Name Parameter name to be added to the end of the link
Column Name Column to find for the value of the parameter specified above
Label Name of the action
Confirmation Message Verification message before a link opens
Visible when no record or checkbox? Determines whether this action should be shown when there's no record returned.  Applicable only when the action is used as a 'List Action'.
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