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Backward Compatibility

  1. You can use the workflow / process design (XPDL file) from v2 and upload it into v3. 
    1. In v2 Workflow Designer, save the process design as XPDL.
    2. In v3, navigate to Design Apps menu, select an application, then click on the <Update via Saved XPDL> button.
  2. You can't import the package from v2 into v3. Forms created in v2 are not compatible with v3's revamped Form Builder.

Known Issues in v3

We encourage all users to comment on v3. If you have encountered any issue that is not listed here, please discuss the issue in Discussion Forums. When an issue discussed is accepted by the development team, we will update it here to keep everyone in the loop on the latest progress.

Ref Status Tracker Priority Subject Code Commit
BETA 1          
Unnumbered Closed Bug High Form Builder: Value and maxlength attributes missing from the Form Builder elements GitHub
248 Closed Bug Normal User Management: Can't delete user GitHub
249 Closed Bug Low IE8: After deploying a process, the process page doesn't reload GitHub
250 Closed Bug Low IE8: "text-shadow" CSS property doesn't work GitHub
251 Closed Bug Normal Manage Plugins: Non-OSGI plugins are not listed GitHub
252 Closed Bug Normal UI: RTL display not support GitHub
254 Witdrawn Bug Normal Task Inbox: Unread task not highlighted  
255 New Feature Request Normal Form Builder: Display list of existing tables, when user creating a new form  
256 Resolved Bug High Manage Processes: Participant mapping by workflow variable does not work GitHub
257 Resolved Bug High Form Builder: Nested subform submission does not store data and workflow variable values correctly GitHub
258 Closed Bug High User Notification Plugin does not work GitHub
259 Closed Feature Request High Sample app for v3 Knowledge Base GitHub
260 Closed Bug Low  Datalist Builder: JSON Definition is missing when the height of "action" column is too tall GitHub
261 Closed Bug Normal Userview Builder: If a process is configured to start with "confirmation dialog", fk_ and fke_ request parameters will be missing GitHub
267 Closed Bug High Workflow Designer: Deadline unit and limit are not saved during package deployment GitHub
269 Resolved Bug Normal Processes: Process generated image (XPDL image) does not show up after app import or XPDL upload GitHub
270 Closed Bug Normal Delete App: XPDL image not deleted GitHub
271 New Feature Request Normal Form Builder: Esc key to <cancel> the properties dialog window  
275 Closed Bug Normal Form Builder: A form shouldn't be allowed to include form of itself as Sub Form GitHub
276 Closed Bug Normal Form Builder: Problem in storing data when Sub Form's Store Binder is not defined GitHub
278 Closed Bug High Form Builder: Hash Variable specified in the Value attribute of an element is processed at design time GitHub
279 Closed Bug Normal Form Builder: Grid in a Sub Form is not editable even if the Sub Form is not set to readonly GitHub
280 Closed Bug High Plugin: Value represented with radio button is not saved GitHub
281 Closed Bug Urgent Plugin: PluginManager.readPluginResourceAsString problem where some new line characters are not removed GitHub
282 Closed Bug High Plugin: Properties of Participant Plugin loaded incorrectly GitHub
283 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder: Hibernate mapping does not get updated when the table name of a form is changed GitHub
284 Resolved Feature Request Normal Create option in header GitHub
285 Closed Bug Normal Form Builder: Validation for mandatory element does not work GitHub
287 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder: NullPointerException is thrown from FormUtil.findElement when root element is null GitHub
289 Closed Bug High Monitor Apps: List of Completed Processes not shown GitHub
290 Closed Feature Request Normal Hash Variables: #userviewKey# hash variable GitHub
292 Closed Feature Request Normal Form Builder: "mandatory" validator in File Upload element? GitHub
296 Closed Bug Normal Inbox: Task Inbox not refreshed to reflect latest state after task completion GitHub
302 Resolved Bug Normal Userview: Redirection not working GitHub
305 Resolved Bug Low FR Label on datalist filter GitHub
312 Closed Bug Urgent Bug Activity Mapping: NPE thrown GitHub
313 Closed Bug Normal Link to Run Process: form validation error appears when form is opened GitHub
317 Closed Bug Normal IE8: the entire web page is rendered as solid black when new "Help" is enabled GitHub
BETA 2          
319 Closed Feature Request Low UI Improvement on quick selector on builders GitHub
320 Closed Bug Low Form builder jumps to center of page on property editor GitHub
323 Resolved Bug Normal Datalist Builder: delete action button doesn't work GitHub
328 Resolved Bug Normal Duplicate Value Validator prevents update of existing record GitHub
330 Resolved Bug Normal Cannot update user password from Setup Users GitHub
331 Resolved Bug Normal Workflow Variable cannot be set in subform GitHub
332 Resolved Feature Request Low FormRowDataListBinder cannot grab the field in subform GitHub
336 Resolved Bug High Remove submit button when form is set as readonly in Userview properties GitHub
337 New Feature Request Low Form Builder - Multiple Validator for Form Element  
338 Resolved Bug Normal App Management: White List not working GitHub
339 New Feature Request Low Form Builder - form element duplication  
340 New Feature Request Low Form Builder - column width needs to be configurable  
341 New Feature Request Low App - App Level Locale Setting  
343 New Feature Request Low App - Convenience method to generate app level message key & manage messages  
345 New Feature Request Low Monitor Processes - Continue running process with another version  
346 New Feature Request Low Monitor Processes - Rollback an activity in a process to a previous activity  
347 Resolved Bug Normal Assignment is not shown when activity ID ends with "submit" GitHub
348 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - hidden field value still submitted when it is readonly GitHub
349 Resolved Bug Normal Userview List Menu - Checkbox position not working GitHub
350 Resolved Bug Normal Workflow Variable: Workflow Variable value can't be set in Run Process Activity GitHub
352 New Feature Request Low Datalist Builder: Multiple formatter of column  
354 Resolved Bug Normal Inbox Menu - Default order should be descending and by date created GitHub
355 New Feature Request Low App - app version change log  
357 Resolved Bug Normal Incorrect process instance Id retrieved from form at the start of a process with a record ID GitHub
359 Resolved Bug Normal Visibility control on Run Apps based on userview permission GitHub
360 Resolved Bug Normal Multiple participants on workflow variable mapping GitHub
362 Resolved Bug Normal Workflow Designer - Failure to deploy in other encoding OS's GitHub
363 Resolved Feature Request Normal Order fields alphabetically in Datalist Builder GitHub
368 Resolved Bug Normal Subform inside subform element is editable GitHub
369 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Cannot save Unicode data properly GitHub
370 Resolved Bug Normal Can't export in Userview inbox GitHub
374 Resolved Feature Request Normal Show activity definition ID in Monitor Processes's activity view GitHub
375 Resolved Bug Normal App Message Hash Variable is not working GitHub
376 Resolved Bug Normal App - Message key is wrong when editing message GitHub
377 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Readonly field controlled by parameter with prefix fk_ not working after form validation failure GitHub
378 Resolved Bug Normal Tool not executed on deadline GitHub
379 Resolved Bug High Delete not working at row level in Datalist GitHub
380 Resolved
Bug Normal SLA not showing in monitor processes
381 Resolved Bug Normal Datepicker doesn't show up in IE
382 Resolved
Feature Request
Hide list level actions when checkbox is hidden in List
383 Resolved
Normal Hash password is not working
384 Resolved
AssignmentManager.login does not return username after first-time successful login
385 Resolved
Normal processRequesterId is not passed over to external form
386 Resolved
Complete assignment api not working if the assignment is not yet accepted
387 Resolved
Normal AppUtil.getCurrentAppDefinition() should not be used in tool
392 Resolved
Wrong SLA and Deadline limit calculation when duration unit is set to Hour
393 Resolved
Delay & time taken displaying wrong value
397 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Grid data is not kept when submitting data by pressing Enter key in Chrome
400 New Feature Request
Low Regular expression in Default validator
402 Resolved Bug Normal Property Editor - Select Box value in grid not saved
403 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Grid value in property editor is not correctly handled
410 Resolved
Feature Request
Low Form Builder - Capability to set selected value in form options binder
418 Resolved Bug Normal Bug when creating Users - HOD "yes" choice doesn't hold
419 Resolved Bug Normal Datepicker not working when multiple fields have the same ID
420 Resolved Bug Normal Validator not working correctly when using multiple fields with the same ID in show/hide section
421 Resolved
Bug Normal DataList Builder - Filter template fails to load after editing properties
422 New Feature Request
Low DataList Builder - Capability to add header and footer to the PDF export feature
423 Resolved Bug Normal Service Level Monitor Column missing in Inbox menu
424 Resolved Bug Normal Inbox - Date Format of Date Created and Due Date is different
425 Resolved Bug Normal Inbox Menu - Date does not follow user time zone
426 Resolved Bug Normal Cannot delete certain users that belong to a department
428 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Input data in invisible section still submitted
431 Resolved Bug Normal Sequence of filter is not same with Datalist Builder
432 Resolved
Bug Normal User Notification Plugin: Assignment link does not point to the published version
435 Resolved Bug
Normal Sub Form stores a new record if form definition does not contain an ID field
470 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Section - continueValidation method is not implemented for regex checking  
471 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Section - Visibility Control breaks the readonly feature  
474 Resolved Bug Normal FormDataDaoImpl - getFormRowColumnNames method return an incomplete column list  
484 Resolved Feature Request Normal Datalist Builder - Prompt user with a message when columns cannot be retrieved  
496 Resolved Feature Request Normal Participant Mapping - Display an indicator to show that a mapping object does not exist in Directory  
499 Resolved Bug Normal Group Userview Permission - Implementation tied to default Directory Manager  
500 Resolved Bug Normal Department Userview Permission - Implementation tied to default Directory Manager  
502 Resolved Bug Normal Organization Userview Permission - Implementation tied to default Directory Manager  
510 Resolved Bug Normal DataList Builder - Submitted filter value that contains space is not working  
527 Resolved Bug Normal Form Builder - Section - Visibility Control by Multiple Value Field is not handled properly  
542 Resolved Bug Normal Sub Form - Doesn't support workflow-related hash variables  
548 Resolved Bug Urgent Form data from previous form not displayed although mapped to same table  
572 Resolved Bug Normal Inbox showing tasks of other apps when current app does not have any process  
585 Resolved Bug Normal File upload missing after form hits validation error  
624 Resolved Bug Normal Edit User - department list not loading on Firefox 10 and 11  
647 Resolved Bug Normal Import PO File not working  
660 Resolved Bug Normal App import fails when origin locale and destination is different  
682 Resolved Feature Request High Support for dot (.) in username  
695 Resolved Bug High Remove participants/ tools mapping not working  
696 Resolved Bug Normal FormHashVariable does not work when it is not in Assignment  
716 New Feature Request Low Option to show/hide process/acitivity name in UserviewMenu Inbox/Run Process element  
739 Resolved Bug Low quick selector blocked by palette  
744 Resolved Bug Normal java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Incorrect string value when executing StoreBinder  
747 Resolved Bug Normal var_ variables not passed over when starting process with confirmation dialog  
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