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Multi Paged Form

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Multi Paged Form enables one to incorporate multiple forms in one single form, in a simple and elegant way.

The form in the example shown below contains a multi-paged form with 4 pages in tabbed style.

Figure 1: Sample Multi Paged Form

The first 2 pages point to "Personal Form" and "Education Form", while the next 2 pages point back to the same set of forms but as confirmation screens. Configurations are shown below.

Figure 2: Sample Multi Paged Form Properties

Pages 3 and 4 must be referenced to the same key used in pages 1 and 2 in order to show the intended form data.  Note that pages 3 and 4 are set to "Readonly".  The option Partially store form when page changed? in the general settings must be checked as well.

Figure 3: Multi Paged Form - Properties

ID Element ID
Label Element Label
Number of Page Allocates the number of pages
Partially store form when page changed? Stores form data of the current page on page change

Figure 4: Multi Paged Form - Properties - Page

Label Page name displayed in the form of breadcrumb or tab, depending on its setting in the UI
Form Form to be assigned to the page
Readonly? Determines if the page is editable
Parent Form Field to keep Child Form ID ID of the field in the parent form to store the page's primary key. Page data will be loaded based on the record ID retrieved from this field.
Child Form Field to keep Parent Form ID ID of the field in the page form to store the parent form's primary key
Validate when change page Performs validation on page change if checked

Figure 5: Multi Paged Form - Properties - UI

Display Mode Determines if the multi-paged form will be displayed in wizard or tabs
Previous Button Label Label of the navigation button
Next Button Label Label of the navigation button
Only enable submit button on last page? If checked, all of the pages' forms must be completed before form submission or task completion.
CSS Custom CSS implementation


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