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Sub Form

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Sub Form is integral in completing a typical process flow. It enables one to show another form within a form, and it has no limit on the depth that it can show.

In this screenshot taken from the CRM application that comes with the Joget installation, Sub Form is used in the Approval form.

Figure 1: Sub Form Inside a Form

Figure 2: Sub Form Properties

ID Element ID
Label SubForm Label
Form ID Form to be referenced/loaded
Readonly Determines if the element is editable
Display field as Label when readonly? Displays the value of the element as plain text when element is set to "Readonly".
Display without frame? Removes default styling applied to SubForm

Figure 3: Sub Form Properties - Advanced

You may configure the Advanced section of Sub Form if the form used in Sub Form is stored in a different table.

Parent Field to keep Subform ID ID of the field in the parent form to store the Sub Form table's primary key. Sub Form data will be loaded based on the record ID retrieved from this field.
Subform Field to keep Parent ID ID of the field in the Sub Form form to store the parent table's primary key.
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