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Trigger Deadline based on specific Date value

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This article shows on how one can set up a Deadline that will be triggered on a specific date value set in a Form.

Figure 1:  Workflow Design with an activity "Deadline Triggered" that will be invoked when the Deadline is triggered

Figure 2:  Setting up the Deadline parameter

Edit the first activity, "Do not complete to trigger deadline" to add a Deadline as shown in the figure above. Set the "Duration unit" to "Date (dd/MM/yyyy)" and "Deadline limit" to the name of Workflow Variable. In this example, the Workflow Variable is named as "workflowVariable".

Figure 3:  Setting up the Transition as Exception

On the transition leading out of the first activity, edit it's properties by matching the Exception name of the Deadline set earlier with the "Expression" field.

Figure 4:  Create a Workflow Variable in the process's properties

Figure 5:  Create a Form with a Date Picker element to set a date value to workflow variable.

Figure 6: Edit the date picker's properties and set "Data Format" to "dd/MM/yyyy"

Figure 7:  Map the Date Picker's value to the Workflow Variable

Important Note:

  1. The value of "workflowVariable" can be changed/manipulated as many times as needed to reflect the use case of your process design so long that the deadline has NOT been executed before.

Sample App:

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