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Upgrade Instructions for v3 Installations

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  1. Depending on platform, download either the v4 Windows ZIP or Linux GZIP bundle
  2. Extract the bundle, and locate the jw.war and jwdesigner.war files in apache-tomcat-x.x.x/webapps
  3. Backup the existing v3 installation data (Joget Workflow Deployment Best Practices)
  4. Stop Tomcat
  5. Delete the existing jw and jwdesigner directories in the current Tomcat webapps directory
  6. Copy the new v4 jw.war and jwdesigner.war files in the Tomcat webapps directory
  7. Delete the current Tomcat work directory work/Catalina/localhost directory
  8. Start Tomcat

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the Enterprise Edition, v4 requires re-activation with a new license, so 
users with an active Enterprise Software Subscription are required to request 
for a new license.

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