Run Process enables one to start a process instance from the UI.

If you would like to start a process instance by using an existing form record, add the additional parameter "recordId" to the menu itself and specify the record ID to this parameter.

Process Version

New Process Instance will start based on the latest process version of the current published App version.

Run Process Properties

Configure Run Process

Figure 1: Run Process Properties

LabelMenu label. Mandatory field.
Menu ID

Item link slug. Optional field.

Unique field

Value defined here must be unique to the rest of the UI Menus as the first matching name will be called upon.

ProcessProcess to start. Mandatory field.
Run process without confirmation screen?If checked, the user will be prompted before proceeding to start the process instance.
Show in popup dialog?If checked, the user will be presented with a popup dialog to run the process instance.
Submit Button LabelLabel to be displayed on the submit button.


Figure 2: Run Process Properties - Redirection

Message shown after process startedThe message shown after the process is started in text.
Action to Perform After Form Saved
  • Redirection

    URL redirect after process startedWhen the user clicks on "Complete" or "Save As Draft" form button, Joget will redirect to this URL value if the activity/form is the first activity in the process flow.

    Redirect Target on Form Submission

    • Top Window
    • Parent Window
    • Current Window
    Field ID for URL Redirect Value PassoverField ID of one of the form element in the preceding form to retrieve the value from.
    Field Value Passover Method
    • Append to URL
    • As URL Request Parameter
    Request Parameter NameParameter name to be added to the URL redirect.
  • Reload Window

    Reload Target
    • Parent Frame
    • Top Window


Figure 3: Run Process Properties - Advanced

UI Key NameIf defined, the corresponding form element defined here will be populated with the UI key value.

Performance & Offline 

Figure 4: Run Process Properties - Performance & Offline Settings 




Caching options are:

  • None: No caching.
  • Application: Cache content by application where all users will see the same content.
  • User: Cache by username
Duration (s)Duration in seconds to cache content defaults to 20 seconds if applicable.

PWA Offline Settings

Note: PWA Offline support is dependent on the theme used.



Enable cache for offline supportCheck this to enable caching for offline support, usually set for use on mobile browsers.

Read Progressive Web Application (PWA) for more information.

AJAX & Events

New Feature

This is a new feature in Joget DX 8.

Event Listening

Figure 5:  Run Process Properties - AJAX & Events - Event Listening

Component Object

The object that will be listening for an event.

This field will dynamically show selectable options depending on the page components used. e.g: if there is a page component called manage meeting in the page, it will automatically show up in this field's select box.

Event NameCustom Event Name.
Matched Action 

Action to be listened for.

  • Hide Component
  • Show Component
  • Show and Reload Component
  • Show and Change URL Component Parameters
  • Reload Page
  • Redirect Page
  • Show and Redirect Component
Add row Adds another row for another event

Event Triggering

Figure 6: Run Process Properties - AJAX & Events - Event Triggering

Event NameCustom Event Name
Trigger Method

The method used to trigger an event.

  • GET Request
  • POST Request
  • Link Clicked
Parameter NameCustom Parameter Name.

Logical Operator to be used in evaluating "Parameter" against "Value"

  • Equals To
  • Not Equals To
  • Greater Than 
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equals To
  • Less than
  • Less than or equals to
  • Is True
  • Is False
  • Is Empty
  • Is Not Empty
  • Contains
  • In
  • Regex Match
ValueThe value that the Parameter will be compared to.
When Not Match Trigger Event NameEvent Name when/if the logical operation is not satisfied.
Add rowAdd another row for another event.

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