Universal Inbox Menu contains all the pending and assigned tasks of the currently logged-in user (regardless of App origin).

Universal Inbox Properties

Configure Universal Inbox

Figure 1: Universal Inbox Properties

LabelMenu label. Mandatory field.
Menu ID

Item link slug. Optional field.

Unique field

Value defined here must be unique to the rest of the UI Menus as the first matching name will be called upon.


Figure 2: Universal Inbox Properties - UI

Show Number of Rows in MenuIf checkbox is ticked, number of rows will be shown in menu.
List View Button Position
  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Left & Bottom Left
  • Top Right & Bottom Right
Show Assignment in Popup Dialog?If checkbox is ticked, assignment will be shown in popup dialog.
List View Custom Header

List View Custom Header in HTML.

List View Custom Footer

List View Custom Footer in HTML.

Assignment View Custom Header

Assignment View Custom Header in HTML.

Assignment View Custom Footer

Assignment View Custom Footer in HTML.

Performance & Offline

Figure 3: Cache Settings




Caching options are:

  • None: No caching.
  • Application: Cache content by application where all users will see the same content.
  • User: Cache by username.
Duration (s)Duration in seconds to cache content, defaults to 20 seconds if applicable.

You can configure the Performance settings in this UI Element which allows one to cache existing content for improved performance and loading speed. Read more at Performance Improvement with UI Caching.

Figure 4: PWA Offline Settings

Note: PWA Offline support is dependent on the theme used.



Enable Cache for Offline SupportEnable caching for offline support, usually set for use on mobile browsers.
Cache All List Links in First PageEnable caching for all list links in first page.

Read Progressive Web Application (PWA) for more information.

AJAX & Events

New Feature

This is a new feature in Joget DX 8.

Event Listening

Figure 4: AJAX & Events - Event Listening

Component Object

The object that will be listening for an event.

If there is a new Page Component added into the UI, the selection will be displayed under Component Object.

This field will dynamically show selectable options depending on the page components used. e.g: if there is a page component called manage meeting in the page, it will automatically show up in this field's select box.

Event NameFor users to input a meaningful event name.
Matched Action

Available Options:

  • Hide Component
  • Show Component
  • Show and Reload Component
  • Show and Change URL Component Parameters
  • Reload Page
  • Redirect Page
  • Show and Redirect Component
Add RowAdds new Event Listening row.

Event Triggering

Figure 5: AJAX & Events - Event Triggering

Event NameFor users to input a meaningful event name.
Trigger Method

Available Options:

  • GET Request
  • POST Request
  • Link Clicked
Parameter Name

For users to input a meaningful parameter name.


Available Options:

  • Equals To
  • Not Equals To
  • Greater Than 
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equals To
  • Less than
  • Less than or equals to
  • Is True
  • Is False
  • Is Empty
  • Is Not Empty
  • Contains
  • In
  • Regex Match


Value to be compared to the parameter.

When Not Match Trigger Event Name

Event Name when/if logical operation is not satisfied.

Add Row

Adds new Event Triggering row.

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