Joget Workflow v6 Released

Check out the latest Joget Workflow v6 for many new features and improvements in user experience (UX), app maintainability and performance.

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Select Activity to Map New Form

Select the first activity to start designing a form for it.

Figure 1: Assigning a Form to a Process Activity

Create New Form

You will be prompted with a Form Selection dialog; choose Create New Form and enter the following details:

Form ID: leaveApplicationForm
From Name: Leave Application Form
Table Name: hr_leave

Figure 2: Create New Form

Clicking on Save will redirect you to the Form Builder.

Add Form Elements

Insert the following elements into the form. This can be done by dragging and dropping the elements needed from the element palette on the left of the Form Builder to the design pane on the right.

Figure 3: Adding a Form Element into the Form Builder

ID: name
Label: Name
Type: Text Field

ID: startDate
Label: Start Date
Type: Date Picker

ID: endDate
Label: End Date
Type: Date Picker

ID: reason
Label: Reason
Type: Text Area

This is the resulting form design:

Figure 4: Leave Application form

Making Fields Mandatory

Next, make each of the fields mandatory.
Go to the element's properties, then go to Choose Validator tab and choose Default Validator. A new tab called Configure Validator will be added in. Go to that tab and check on the Mandatory checkbox.
Repeat the same steps for the rest of the elements.

Figure 5: Making Fields "Mandatory" in Form Builder

Preview and Save

This is the final form design. You may preview the form by clicking on the Preview button at the top of the Form Builder to confirm the design before you Save the form.

Figure 6: Final Leave Application Form