Joget Workflow v6 Released

Check out the latest Joget Workflow v6 for many new features and improvements in user experience (UX), app maintainability and performance.

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1232    Fixed: wflow-core - Run Process Menu - External Form behave differently when mapped to run process activity. @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1225    Fixed: wflow-core - FormPdfUtil - Hash Variable does not parse in sub form. (#1780) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1219    Modified: wflow-designerweb - Modified webstart jnlp to support signature timestamp @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1218    Modified: wflow-core - Removed unnecessary database calls in the ProcessDataCollectorAuditTrail plugin @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1216    Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Hidden Field - Improve properties labeling @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1213    Modified: wflow-consoleweb - formUtil.js - Refined logic to get a form field. @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1196    Fixed: wflow-core - FormPdfUtil - PDF fail to generate due to shared object. @3.1-SNAPSHOT

1164    Fixed: wflow-wfengine - get Process/ Activity info - Exception when invalid number format used in limit. @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1155    Modified: wflow-commons, wflow-consoleweb - Tuned connection pool timeout settings @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1154    Modified: wflow-wfengine - Updated minimum deadline checker interval to 10 seconds @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1153    Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Hide profile in web console footer @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1130    Fixed: wflow-cosoleweb/wflow-commons/wflow-core - User Notification - Nested user hash variable is not working. #1710 @3.1-SNAPSHOT

1111    Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed #1707 organization assign users popup not showing correct count @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1103    Fixed: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-wfengine - Performance issue on deadline checking. @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
1102    Modified: wflow-designerweb - Updated jnlp jar version as workaround for Java 7u45 Permissions attribute bug @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1078    Modified: wflow-wfengine/wflow-consoleweb - Improve performance of XPDL image generation. @3.1-SNAPSHOT
1077    Fixed: wflow-core - FormDataDaoImpl - Memory leak while storing form data. @3.1-SNAPSHOT
967     Fixed: wflow-commons, wflow-consoleweb - Log viewing possibly allows access to files outside of logs @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
960     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed FormDataUpdateTool hitting java.sql.SQLException: Auto-commit #1574 @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
958     Fixed: wflow-core - Forms cannot be deleted in a protected app. (#1564) @3.1-SNAPSHOT

927     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Unescaped activity name in process mapping view #1595 @3.1-SNAPSHOT
923     Fixed: wflow-core - FormPdfUtil - ITextRenderer spawned threads without releasing after use. (#1560) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
921     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - NullPointerException when set user as HOD without setting the value of department. @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
909     Fixed: wflow-core - Date Picker - 'Display Format' set to 'dd-mm-yy' not handled properly #1589 @3.1-SNAPSHOT
878     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Revert changes on r852. Fixed assignment not showing the published form version in the web console inbox #1498 (#1572) @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
        Fixed: wflow-core - Inbox Menu - Assignment form inconsistency with Inbox and Userview Inbox of different App version (#1498)
876     Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed possible xss in selectbox, checkbox and radio @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
874     Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Modified felix configuration to prevent cache locking #1477 @3.1-SNAPSHOT
873     Modified: wflow-install - Updated NOTICE.txt @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
871     Fixed: wflow-core - Email Tool - Correction on r869. Attachment file name encoding issue. (#1516) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
869     Fixed: wflow-core - Email Tool - Attachment file name encoding issue. (#1516)
867     Fixed: wflow-wfengine - WorkflowManagerImpl - Limit does not support decimal value. (#1518) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
865     Modified: wflow-core - Message Dao - Added cache for minimize loading message from database. (#1519)
863     Fixed: wflow-core - ID Geneartion Field - Not working with a subform mapped to run process activity. (#1517) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
859     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Data Dao - Prevent empty string add to cached column list. (#1503) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
857     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - plugin_zh_CN - Change label. (#1499) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
856     Modified: wflow-core - Form Data - Add unique value checking to prevent duplicate value in field. (#1327) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
854     Modified: wflow-commons/wflow-core - Allow "target" attribute in XSS protection whitelist. (#1500) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
852     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed assignment not showing the published form version in the web console inbox #1498 @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
848     Modified: wflow-jdbc - Updated mysql jdbc driver to 5.1.25 @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
845     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Start Process JSON API - Activity Id is not return when using latest as version number. (#1494) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
844     Modified: wflow-core - Modified Export Form Email Tool to prevent unnecessary XML validation @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
843     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Modified tomcat logs link in header and submenu @3.1-SNAPSHOT.
840     Fixed: wflow-core - AbstractSubForm - Process id is overwrite when subform is used in Run Process Form. (#1438) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
838     Fixed: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Fixed possible XSS though userview key #1470 @3.1-SNAPHSHOT
833     Fixed: wflow-core - Datalist Export - Special character show as escape code due to XSS filter. (#1459) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
824     Fixed: wflow-commons - Fixed StringUtil.stripHtmlTag removing all tags. @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
822     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - UI - Change X-UA-Compatible to use IE=edge @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
810     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview - API to retrieve published userview does not parse Hash Variable correctly. (#1409) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
807     Fixed: wflow-core - Duplicate Value Validator - Not working in subform. (#1416) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
805     Fixed: wflow-core - Custom HTML - Null Pointer Exception when element is not configure. (#1414) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
801     Modified: wflow-commons/wflow-consoleweb - Userview - strip HTML tag in HTML page title. (#1408) @3.1-SNAPSHOT
794     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Log - Exclude not harmful SchemaUpdate error message from log file. @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
786     Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed datalist not showing links, and possible ClassCastException for dates introduced in r783 @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
784     Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Workflow Manager - getAssignmentSize return incorrect value. (#1380) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
777     Fixed: wflow-commons - File Manager - Files uploaded with + or %20 in file name cannot be found later on. (#1322, #1370) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
775     Fixed: wflow-core - Datalist Decorator - XSS vulnerability. (#1372) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
773     Fixed: wflow-core - Text Area - XSS vulnerability. (#1372) @ 3.1-SNAPSHOT
741     Fixed: wflow-core - Email Tool - Workflow Variable Hash Variable is not working. (#1348)
740     Fixed: wflow-core - Json Tool - Unicode encoding issue.
738     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Log4j - Remove info log from FormDataLocalSessionFactory.
737     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Data Dao Impl - Hibernate file corrupted when too many current storing with dynamic number of field. (#1336)
736     Added: wflow-core - Date Picker - Added zh locale support for date picker. (#1168)
735     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - LocalLocaleResolver - wrong locale passed to request attribute.
734     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Hidden Field - Support different priority of data loading from database & default value.
        Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Date Picker - Support for different storing date format.
733     Modified: Wflow-core - Selectbox/ Radio/ Checkbox - Improve dynamics option logic.
732     Added: Wflow-consoleweb - Added empty extend.jsp for Form Builder for future used.
731     Modified: wflow-cosoleweb - CSS changes for r729.
730     Modified: wflow-core - Hidden Field - Remove checking for empty value. (#1321)
729     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Remove autocomplete js library and use Jquery UI autocomplete library.
728     Added: wflow-core - Form - Added FormPDfUtil. (#1215)
727     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview - Default cursor css of menu link is not pointer. (#1320)
726     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form/ Datalist/ Userview Builder - Force IE to use IE8 compatible mode. (#1276, #1301)
725     Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Text Field Datalist Filter - Support default initial value. (#723)
724     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Email Tool/ User Notification - zh_CN message bundle correction. (#1314)
723     Fixed: wflow-enterprise-plugins - Inbox Menu - Disable sorting for non-sortable column. (#1310)
722     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Increased max active transactions in
721     Fixed: wflow-core - Inbox Menu - Paging not working due to changes in r685.
720     Modified: wflow-wfengine - Workflow Manager - Ignore process version checking in getAssignmentList method. (#1264)
719     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Util - findElement method return Form instead of field element when both have same id. (#1304)
718     Fixed: wflow-core - Check Box/Radio Button/Select Box - Validation/Data Storing not working properly on Multi Paged Form. (#1285)
715     Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Upgraded apache felix version to 4.0.3.
714     Fixed: wflow-core - Custom Html - Free Marker exception when no configuration was set. (#1290)
712     Modified: wflow-designer: Removed unnecessary configuration in the help menu.
711     Modified: wflow-core - Userview Menu - Support to use javascript reload in popup redirection. (#1281)
710     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed inconsistencies and grammar mistakes in language properties files.
709     Fixed: wflow-core - Request Parameter Hash Variable - Null Pointer Exception is not handle properly.
708     Fixed: wflow-core - DataListBinderDefault - Null Pointer Exceptions when condition does not require a value. (#1271)
707     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist and Form Builder - Preview tag not showing in IE9

690     Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Support Hungarian language in Datalist PDF export feature. (#1238)
689     Modified: wflow-core - RunProcess - show in popup dialog default attribute
688     Fixed: wflow-core - Email Tool/ User Notification - Unicode issue. (#1232)
687     Fixed: wflow-core - Import App - Not all form data columns are created. (#1229)
686     Fixed: wflow-core - Text Field - Alignment is not correct when text is too long in readonly mode. (#1248)
685     Fixed: wflow-core - Datalist - list not automatically return to previous page if all the data in the current page are deleted. (#1222)
684     Fixed: wflow-core - Hash variable in External Form path being overriden with returned value (#1228)
683     Modified: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-core - UserNotificationAuditTrail - Assignment link on HTML with link name.
682     Modified: wflow-enterprise-plugins - Updated corporati theme menu to show scrollbar when menu is too long.
681     Fixed: wflow-core - Dynamic Options - Not able to listen to field that has different field type.
680     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Hidden Field - Added option to prioritize value loaded from database.
679     Modified: wflow-core - Email Tool/ User Notification - Remove unnecessary authentication checking .
678     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Database Update Tool - Support default datasource.
677     Added: wflow-commons/wflow-consoleweb - Support download latest Tomcat logs if deployed in Tomcat.
676     Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Modified OSGI to export Spring JdbcTemplate packages.
675     Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added bootstrap, font awesome and jQuery 1.8.3 library.
674     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Correction of r671 - Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Increase default width of textfield & textarea.
673     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder -Improve element event listening.
672     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Dynamics Options feature of Select Box/Checkbox/Radio Button is not working properly. (#1209)
671     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Increase default width of textfield & textarea.
670     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Updated builder preview label blocking popup dialog close link.
669     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Error message from Ajax validation is not showing. (#1196)
668     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Element cannot drag in zh_CN locale. (#1187)
667     Modified: wflow-core - Form Builder - Trigger change event when dynamic options field changed options. (#1190)
666     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed wrong language being shown at times.
665     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added link to Video Tutorials in the login page help.
663     Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added preview label when previewing forms, lists and userviews.
662     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed userview preview not showing correctly for the Bootstrap theme.
661     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Userview Login - Theme page bottom content is not shown.
660     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Section CSS position relative caused show/hide feature not working in IE8. (#1176)
659     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Date Picker shown by default in Chrome.
657     Modified: wflow-core - Form Options Binder - Add exception handling.
656     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Add CSS class to datalist column . (#1178)
655     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview - Date Picker shown by default in Chrome.
654     Modified: wflow-core - Auto create db tables for all forms when importing an app.
653     Fixed: wflow-core - Process Data Collector - Assignee of activity instance is not update when reassignment and re-evaluation.
652     Modified: wflow-wfengine - Add audit trail trigger point for reassign assignment.
651     Fixed: wflow-core - Correction of r649. Form Hash Variable is not processed in Tool after the previous changes.
650     Fixed: wflow-core - Default Validator - Update email format regex checking. (#1160)
649     Modified: wflow-core - Form Hash Variable - Return empty value if the specified primary key is empty value.
648     Fixed: wflow-core - Hash Variable with javascript escape character is not process correctly.
647     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - URL parameter is not pass to Datalist Action.
645     Fixed: wflow-core /wflow-consoleweb - Form/ Inbox Menu does not support External Form. (#1154)
644     Fixed: wflow-core - Datalist Menu - "List" property options is not sorted. (#1153)
643     Added: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-designer - Added zh_TW message bundle.
        Modified: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-designer - Updated zh_CN message bundle.
642     Modified: wflow-consoleweb -Fixed inconsistencies and grammar mistakes in language properties files.
641     Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Section Visibility Control is not working on hidden field for mobile browser. (#1144)
640     Fixed: wflow-core - Section - The child section is not hidden when the parent section is hidden. (#1118)
639     Fixed: wflow-core - Corporati Theme - Collapsible menu is not working in Chrome.
638     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Correction of message bundle of ar & th
637     Fixed: wflow-core - Corporati Theme - Collapsible menu is not working for label. (#1112)
636     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - File Download - file name does not support unicode. (#1102)
634     Fixed: wflow-code - Hash variable - Value is escape for regex special character second times when escape for JSON special character. (#1104)
633     Added: wflow-consoleweb - JSON API for reassign assignment. (#1089)
631     Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Plugin properties json cannot parse correctly when starting with empty space. (#1083)
630     Fixed: wflow-core - Hyperlink Datlist Action - Exception throw when using it as List Action and passing column value as parameter.
628     Fixed: wflow-core - Escape JSON special character when process hash variable with JSON data. (#1075)
627     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Moved enterprise userview theme "Corporati" to community.
626     Fixed: wflow-core - Import App - Value NULL stored in db for environment variables with no value. (#1073)
625     Modified: wflow-core - Correction of r624 - Form Data Dao - Detected duplicate field id in different letter case.
624     Modified: wflow-core - Form Data Dao - Detected duplicate field id in different letter case.
621     Modified: wflow-consolweb - Userview Builder - Login userview by passing username & password hash. (1060)
620     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Build - Form Store Binder getting executed even the section is hidden by permission. (#1054)
618     Fixed: Correction of r607 - Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Email Tool - Support attachment from form upload field, system path and url. (#1025)
617     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb: Fixed wrong data list selection in popups caused by introduction of the toggle-all checkbox in r598.
616     Modified: wflow-core - wflow-core - Email Tool/ User Notification - Convert new line character to <br/> when email content is HTML-formatted. (#1014)
615     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Correction on r614 - Improve security of json api.
614     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Improve security of json api.
613     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Embed Form - Add new url to accept appId and appVersion. (#998)
612     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Menu - Form list is not sorted. (#1004)
611     Modified: wflow-jdbc - Update mssql jdbc driver to version 4.0. (#997)
610     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - General Setting - Support using locale date format for inbox date format.
        Modified: wflow-core - Inbox Menu - Following date format in system setting.
609     Added wflow-consoleweb - Added new plugin types used primarily in Manage Plugins settings.
608     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb: Fixed ClassCastException when retrieving resource bundle within the web console.
607     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Email Tool - Support HTML content.
        Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Email Tool - Support attachment from form upload field, system path and url. (#992)
        Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - User Notification - Support HTML content.
606     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - App Message - Cannot edit message with key consist of (.) . (#936)
        Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Environment Variable - Missing label when add variable.
605     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Default Form Options Binder - Allow to add label for empty option. (#967)
604     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Embed Data List - Support radio button for row selection.
603     Modified: wflow-core - Data List - Support radio button for row selection.
        Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Data List Userview Menu - Support radio button for row selection.
602     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Audit Trail - Log authentication info.
601     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Menu - Redirection not work correctly. (#986)
600     Modified: wflow-core - Form Service - Change method to public method.
599     Modified: wflow-core - Added enclosing div with css class to the HtmlPage userview menu content.
598     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Data List - Add toggle all checkboxs feature. (#981)
597     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Add search feature to form list in map form to activity. (#973)
596     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added requester id in Running Processes and Completed Processes #795
595     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Reverted CSS change in r581 to fix overflow problem in Chrome.
594     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Userview - Redirect to Login page when no permission and redirect back to the same url after logged in. (#757)
592     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Run Process - Fail to pass variable via URL. Correction of r408.
591     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Login page - error message handle.
590     Modified: wflow-directory - DirectoryManagerProxyImpl - Enable manage directory feature in console if the custom directory manager is a instance of default directory manager.
589     Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Added additional Spring and hibernate package as OSGI system package.
587     Modified: wflow-wfengine - Added additional check to prevent unnecessary NullPointerException in r584.
586     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Improve performance of atomikos.
584     Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Show next assignment doesn't work when in parallel route. (#949)
        Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Show next assignment doesn't work when next activity exist in subflow.
582     Fixed: wflow-wfengine - First activity form from subflow always not display when run process. (#946)
581     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Reduced empty space in published apps. (#945)
580     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Display participant/activity/tool name and id in popup mapping dialog. (#945)
579     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Enviroment Variable - change form field to textarea. (#941)
578     Fixed: wflow-core - FormService - Possible NullPointerException.
577     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Correction of r576 - Improve security.
576     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Improve security.
575     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Unable to add message with keys that consist of (.) under App Properties (#936)
574     Fixed: wflow-core - Custom HTML Form Element - Element return invalid field name. (#933)
573     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Change column to have full width when only one column exist in section.
        Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Sub Form - Added new option to display sub form without frame and background. (#930)
572     Fixed: wflow-core - FormUtil - Potential NullPointerException throw in isFormSubmitted() method.
570     Fixed: wflow-core - Correction of r559 - Form Builder - Section - Visibility control is not working correctly when multiple sections are involved. (#918)
569     Modified: wflow-core - Form Data Dao - Allow to override Order By in custom condition.
568     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Display Row Datalist Actions in separated column. (#919)
566     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Securing attached document for anonymous access. (#917, #921)
564     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Correction of wrong spelling. (#920)
562     Fixed: wflow-core - Run Process Userview Menu - Process Start White List is not working.
559     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Section - Visibility control is not working correctly when multiple sections are involved. (#918)
558     Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Validation - Hash Variable is not working. (#904)
        Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Complete Assignment - Improve performance on form submit.
557     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Embed Datalist - Not working in IE8 and below. (#915)
555     Fixed: wflow-core - FormDataDaoImpl - Exception throw when get column name. (#865 & #909)
554     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Participant Mapping - Add new option 'Performer's HOD (ignore Report TO)'. (#900)
553     Fixed: wflow-core - AbstracrSubForm - Validation still check for readonly subform.
551     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Help Guider - Next button is not working in other locale. (#906)
550     Modified: wflow-core - AppUtil - Improve performance of process hash variable.
549     Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Added Userview Permission - Bean Shell Permission
547        Added: wflow-core - Form Builder - New interface "FormPermission" for permission checking at form level.
        Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Support permission checking for Form & Section. (#887 & #874)
        Modified: wflow-core - Organization/ Department/ Group/ User/ Logged In User Permission - Implement FormPermission interface
546     Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - PropertyUtil - Returned properties is a string instead of empty map when the plugin has no property.
545     Added: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-designer - Added Thai & Arabic message bundle.
544     Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Removed unnecessary spring annotation in PluginManager.
543     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Id Generator Field - Support display field as hidden. (#889)
542     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Support for change page by click on step indicator.
541     Modified: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Added caching when retrieving app definitions to improve performance.
540     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added temporary session caching for locale to improve performance.
539     Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Modified plugin freemarker template loading to reduce file date checking.
538     Modified: wflow-commons - Updated atomikos library to 3.8.0.
537     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Prevent javascript & css not refresh when version changed.
536     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Support label for column. (#871)
535     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor CSS fix to web console menu list item width.
534     Fixed: wflow-commons/wflow-consoleweb - Dynamic Resource Bundle not working correctly. (#818)
533     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Menu - Redirection Target on Cancel is configurable. (#867)
532     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor CSS fixes to the design app page and builder property dialogs.
531     Fixed: wflow-install - Fixed misconfiguration in my.ini for the mysql client utility.
530     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor CSS adjustment to web console subheader menu item width to better fit non-english labels.
529     Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - File Upload - Support file size & file type validation. (#859)
528     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Embeded Data List - Not supporting RTL mode.
527     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - UI - Datepicker is not compatible with Chrome in RTL mode.
526     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor CSS adjustment to web console header menu item width to better fit non-english labels.
525     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Removed unused file "userview/plugin/csvImport.jsp".
523     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Form attachment is cached for 5 minutes. (#811)
521     Fixed: wflow-core - Data List Builder - Formatter on different columns with same field name does not work. (#852)
520     Added: wflow-core - Request Parameter Hash Variable - Support path parameter accessible by this hash variable. (#839)
519     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Support auto convert view to RTL when current locale is Arabic.
518     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Improve performance of locale handling.
        Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - paremeter "_lang" with empty value does not reset locale to default locale.
517     Fixed: wflow-core - AbstractSubForm - Form Binder always run twice. (#830)
516     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Data Dao - Mapping file for storing is always recreated in stead of taking from cache.
515     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Embed Data List View - Not working when datalist json contain escape character.
514     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Removed unused file "userview/plugin/userProfile.jsp".
513     Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Plugin Manager - Message Key that contains regex special character does not translated.
512     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Properties Editor - Support new property type - "label" to show value as label.
        Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Show column name when edit column and filter. (#790)
511     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - App Process List - Process thumbnail is not well arrange when more than 3 processes.
510     Added: wflow-core/ wflow-consoleweb - App Message - Generate & import PO file. (#343, #700)
509     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Hard to differential which binder is for grid and vice versa.
508     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Custom HTML - support auto populate saved data. (#728)
507     Fixed: wflow-core - Inbox Menu - Form is not display correctly in stay mode. (#842)
506     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Data binder - Show all columns in the table.
        Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Sort field by label.
505     Modified: wflow-core - Form Element - Support dynamic field of element.
504     Modified: wflow-commons - Database Resource Bundle Message Source - Removed unnecessary exception message.
503     Added: wflow-directory/wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Support user change locale in profile.
        Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Improve performance of locale handling.
501     Fixed: wflow-core - Default Form Options Binder - Options is not sort in order. (#831)
499     Modified: wflow-core - Email Tool/ User Notification - Support multiple email per user. (#823)
497     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Email Tool/ User Notification - Support TLS/SSL
496     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - General Setting - List language with name based on current locale setting.
495     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Login error message is not following locale. (#828)
        Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Updated & for login error message. (#828)
494     Modified: wflow-commons/wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb/wflow-plugin-base - Refactored to standardize locale handling using a LocalLocaleResolver.
        Added: wflow-consoleweb - Support change locale using url parameter "_lang".
492     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Util - isElementPropertyValuesChanges() compared updated values with default values. (#841)
491     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Update embed datalist to return id in callback.
489     Fixes: wflow-core - Current User/Performer/User/User Variable Hash Variable - Fail to retrieve active attribute. (#835)
487     Added: wflow-consoleweb - Embed Code for Inbox - Support filter by ProcessDef Id. (#837)
486     Add: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - JSON API retrieve datalist options.
        Add: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Datalist view for integration.
485     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor change to builder CSS to align navigator buttons.
484     Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed header label not aligned correctly in right-to-left.
483     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Modified login page to better support right-to-left.
482     Added: wflow-consoleweb - New web console design facelift.
481     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Updated iText and Apache POI versions.
479     Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Dynamic options feature not working in IE9. (#824)
474     Fixed: wflow-wfengine/wflow-core - Workflow Manager - getConvertedLatestProcessDefId() return wrong version of processDefId.
473     Modified: wflow-core - Userview Builder - Redirection is not work correctly in popup dialog.
472     Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Userview Builder - Support quit embed mode by parameter embed=false.
470     Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Duplicate Value Validator - Error message are hard-coded. (#818)
469     Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Inbox Menu/ Run Process Menu - Label are hard-coded. (#803)
468     Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Date Picker Field - Allow to configure year range of the date picker.
467     Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Option to convert readonly field to display as label
466     Added: wflow-cosoleweb - Form Builder - Added form utility method for javascript. Syntax: FormUtil.getValue(fieldId), FormUtil.getValues(fieldId), FormUtil.getField(fieldId)

435 Modified: wflow-consoleweb, wflow-install - Updated icons and images to the new logo.
434 Fixed: wflow-core - Current User Hash Variable - Display empty when user is anonymous.
433 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview Builder - Userview does not have default font setting.
432 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Row Data List Binder - "dateCreated" and "dateModified" are not filterable.
431 Fixed: wflow-core - Data List Builder - Filter query is duplicated when obtaining record count.
430 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Row Delete Datalist Action - Error when no record is selected (#801)
429 Fixed: wflow-core - Email Tool - Send email to email addresses configured in both "To (specific email address)" and "To (participant ID)".
428 Fixed: wflow-core - Default Validator - Email validation is not working correctly (#793).
427 Fixed: wflow-core - Database Update Tool - Can't connect to MSSQL (#787).
426 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Util - Prevent null pointer exception.
425 Fixed: wflow-plugin-archetype - Plugin Pom - Included unnecessary lib in the jar .
424 Fixed: wflow-core - Nested Hash Variable - Error when content contains CSS
423 Fixed: wflow-core - Text Field Form Element - Incorrect JSON syntax in properties options.
422 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Property Util - Proper handling of invalid JSON String exception.
421 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Order and Order By are mandatory fields in Datalist Basic Properties (#775, #776).
420 Modified: wflow-core - Abstract Sub Form - Instead of using generated UUID, use value from parent form as primary key, if defined (#770).
419 Added: wflow-core - Hash Variable - Support nested hash variable with syntax like '#prefix.{prefix.key}#' (e.g., #date.{envVariable.dateFormat}#).
Modified: wflow-core - Form Hash Variable - Use "ID" from request parameter as primary key, if it exists (#696).
Added: wflow-core - Form Hash Variable - Support new syntax '#form.tableName.fieldIdprimaryKey#' (e.g., #form.table1.field1[]#).
418 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Workflow Manager - getAssignmentList not working with encoded processDefId (#774).
417 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Menu - Value passover on redirection not working for "ID" field (#771).
416 Fixed: wflow-core - App Versioning - Can't create new app version when the app is without a process flow (#767).
415 Fixed: wflow-core - Date Hash Variable - Not working for #date.dd/mm/yyyy# due to regex (#764)
414 Fixed: wflow-core - Section - Allows wrong regex syntax (#755).
413 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Override Displaytag TableProperties class to support Database Message Resource Bundle (#679).
412 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Support for i18n in datalist pagination info.
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added zh_CN message for Datalist pagination info (#679).
411 Fixed: wflow-code/wflow-consoleweb - Sub Form - Style is hard-coded inline and hard to customize.
410 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Changed page navigator to icon.
409 Fixed: wflow-core - var_ variables not passed over when starting process with confirmation dialog (#747).
408 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - fk_ , fke_ and var_ parameters are not working properly in Run Process.
407 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - HTML special characters in value are not escaped correctly (#740).
406 Modified: wflow-core - Check whether a directory is empty before deleting it in FileUtil.
405 Added: wflow-commons - Added create thumbnail utility method in FileManager.
404 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Output log message to joget.log file.
403 Fixed: wflow-core - Grid - Does not show correctly when PDF is generated by Export Form Email Tool.
402 Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Grid - Added min & max numbers for row validation options.
401 Added: wflow-core - Form Builder - Added self-validation support to Form Element.
398 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form/List/Userview Builder - Quick selector blocked by palette in RTL mode (#739).
397 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Added Iframe support for htmleditor property type.
396 Added: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-core - Userview Builder - Added configure options for Login Page customization (#737).
395 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Embed Form - Incorrect JSON data generated when subform appears in the form.
394 Modified: wflow-core - Element - Made customParameterName available in Properties.
393 Modified: wflow-core - Select Box/Radio/Checkbox - Always show options that are without grouping value (#732).
392 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb-  Proxy server problems (#646)
391 Fixed: wflow-core- Select Box Form Element - Dynamic cascading drop-down list not compatible with IE 8 (#726).
390 Fixed: wflow-core - Custom HTML Form Element - Creates unused column in form data table (#711).
389 Modified: wflow-core - Modified userview inbox menu to display activity name first instead of process name.
388 Modified: wflow-directory, wflow-consoleweb - Support for dot (.) in username (#682)
387 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor fix for datalist tag URL
386 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Hide import app advanced options by default (override environment variables and plugin default properties introduced in r364).
385 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist CSV export - Support for other charset (#408)
384 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Excel export - Supports Unicode (#408).
383 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist PDF export - Supports Unicode (#408).
382 Modified: wflow-core - Correction of r377 - Form Builder - Section does not display correctly in IE8.
381 Modified: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-core - Text Area Form Element - Supports workflow variable (#699).
380 Modified: wflow-core - Updated convenience method ExtElement.getRequestParameterString to handle parameter array by returning first item.
379 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Changed "Create" button to always be displayed in the navigation menu of builder, in order to improve user experience (#698).
378 Fixed: wflow-core - Reverted changes on PackageDefinition.hbm.xml of r369 because remove participants/ tools mapping were not working (#695).
377 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Section does not display correctly in IE8 (#684).
376 Fixed: wflow-core - Form sometimes cannot retrieve data from hidden section (#680).
Modified: wflow-core - Improved form data column caching.
Modified: wflow-core - Updated Form Builder test case.
375 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Data List not displayed correctly in IE8 when button is configured to display on top of listing.
374 Modified: wflow-commons - Added additional null check in HostManager.
373 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Added additional Spring package as OSGI system package.
372 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Enhanced Element property type to support having the same element property value in another selected element.
371 Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder Refactoring - added new interface FormContainer for none input element.
Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder Refactoring - added new abstract class AbstractSubForm for sub form type element.
Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder Refactoring - improved form validation handling.
370 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Updated (#679).
369 Modified: wflow-core - Optimized performance by setting lazy loading for app definition.
368 Modified: wflow-core - Modified form store implementation to update schema before storing.
367 Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - "Submit", "Complete" & "Save As Draft" Button labels in form are hard-coded (#679).
366 Fixed: wflow-designer - Home key not working in Malay (ms) locale setting.
365 Fixed: wflow-designer - Delete key not working in other locale settings (#679).
364 Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Added option to configure override environment variable and plugin default properties in the import app feature (#613, #676).
363 Fixed: wflow-commons/wflow-consoleweb - WorkflowUtil.getHttpServletRequest() cannot handle MultipartHttpServletRequest correctly.
362 Modified: wflow-commons, wflow-wfengine - Added optional support to use JNDI datasource from the app server.
361 Modified: wflow-designerweb - Modified display name in web.xml.
360 Modified: wflow-wfengine, wflow-core - Modifications required to support Websphere AS 7 and DB2 9.5 (#673)
359 Fixed: wflow-core - Import & export app not working correctly in different timezone.
358 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Chinese -simplified (zh_CN) message bundle
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Korean (ko) message bundle
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Malay (ms) message bundle
357 Added: wflow-designer - Chinese -simplified (zh_CN) message bundle
Added: wflow-designer - Korean (ko) message bundle
Added: wflow-designer - Malay (ms) message bundle
356 Fixed: wflow-designer - Can't deploy when set to other locales (#583).
355 Fixed: wflow-core - App Service - Element formatDataForValidation method is not called when submitting form to run process.
354 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Service - Empty file upload submission is not handled properly.
353 Modified: wflow-core - File Upload Form Element - Check for null value.
352 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - JavaScript API - Broken after jQuery upgrade
351 Fixed: wflow-core - Select Box - Empty value is not handled properly after an unsuccessful validation.
350 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed Import PO File which does not work when system locale is not set (#647).
349 Fixed: wflow-commons - Multipart File is not clear in request.
348 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-designerweb - Removed unnecessary context.xml.
347 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Cannot change the properties of a datalist (#642).
346 Fixed: wflow-core - .Text Field Datalist Filter Type - Build query based on empty value was causing incorrect data return in list (#642).
345 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form drop-down list in properties editor is in unsorted order (#641).
344 Modified: wflow-core - Improved hash variable processing.
343 Fixed: wflow-core - Run Process Menu - Start process with record ID not working correctly when a form is mapped to Run Process activity (#637).
341 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Monitor Apps - Options in "Filter by App" select box not sorted (#602).
340 Fixed: wflow-core - Default Validator - Numeric checking would not allow negative values (#623).
Added : wflow-core\wflow-consoleweb - Default Validator - Support for custom regular expression checking and custom error message
339 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor cannot handle HTML value properly.
338 Added: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-core - Select Box/ Checkbox/ Radio Form Element - Feature to dynamically refresh available options dependent on other fields (#609).
Added: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-core - Default Form Options Binder - Support for dynamic options
337 Modified: wflow-consoleweb/wflow-core - Updated jQuery library to 1.5.2.
335 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Binder configuration does not support long text (#615).
334 Fixed: wflow-core - Duplicate Value Validator - Exception when table is not yet created (#603)
333 Fixed: wflow-core - Sub Form - Prevent NullPointerException.
332 Fixed: wflow-core - Datalist paging does not work correctly after applying filter or change page size (#593).
331 Added : wflow-core - Support for workflow-related hash variables in Sub Form
Fixed : wflow-core - File upload missing after form hits validation error (#585).
Fixed : wflow-core - File upload is not cleared after submission (#413).
Modified : wflow-consoleweb - Added ID field to embed form if it is not present.
330 Added: wflow-commons - File Manager to manage temporary files

325 Modified: wflow-wfengine - Removed unnecessary call(s) to retrieve activity info when getting assignments.
324 Fixed: wflow-core - Inbox showing tasks of other apps when current app does not have any process (#572).
323 Fixed: wflow-core - Process Data Collector - Null Pointer Exception
322 Fixed: wflow-core - Hash Variable - Some hash variables are not processed for the process tool plugin property (#570).
321 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - json/console/monitor/activity/list SLA logic outdated (#568)
320 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed JSON API that was not working and removed unsupported JSON API.
319 Added: wflow-designer - Added deadline support for date & time.
318 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Error message for unsuccessful retrieval of columns shown when creating new list.
317 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Workflow variable in deadline does not work correctly with Deadline plugin.
316 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Deadline re-calculation does not work (#559).
315 Fixed: wflow-core - Duplicate Value Validator does not work when clicking twice due to Form Data ID not being tracked correctly (#529).
313 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview redirection not working correctly (#533).
312 Fixed: wflow-core - Options in Organization/Deparment/Group/User Permission are not sorted in aphabetical order (#552).
311 Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Form data from previous form not displayed although mapped to same table (#548).
310 Added: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb- Added JSON API for Published Apps and Published Processes (#537).
309 Modified: Hidden Field - Removed readonly check in template because it breaks section visibility control. Readonly check is already done on submission.
308 Modified: JSON Tool - Allow to set external data with JSON Object Name field.
Modified: JSON Tool - Set process ID automatically if ID and "Base JSON Object Name for Multirow Data" are not specific.
307 Fixed : Property Editor - In some browsers, the difference of selected values in the multi-select element can hardly be seen.
306 Fixed: wflow-directory - Fixed possible NullPointerException when there are no groups or departments.
305 Fixed: Form Builder - Section - Visibility Control by Multiple Value Field is not handled properly (#527).
304 Added: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Added HTTPS support for communication between the Web Console and Workflow Designer.
303 Modified: wflow-core - Form Hash Variable - Process hash variable only when primary key is not empty.
Modified: wflow-core - Form Data Dao - Refactored LoadByTableNameAndColumnName method.
302 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ReportManager.
301 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Participant Mapping - Display an indicator to show a mapping object does not exist in Directory (#496).
300 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Prompt user with a message when columns cannot be retrieved (#484).
299 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Submitted filter value that contains space is not working (#510).
298 Fixed: wflow-commons - Fixed possible NullPointerException in StringUtil.escapeRegex.
297 Modified: wflow-core - Reduced redundant database calls when processing hash variables.
296 Modified: wflow-wfengine - Process hash variable on activity name when creating activity instance.
295 Fixed : wflow-core - Group Userview Permission - Implementation tied to default Directory Manager (#499).
294 Fixed: wflow-core -FormDataDaoImpl - getFormRowColumnNames method returns an incomplete columns list (#474).
293 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Section - Visibility Control breaks the readonly feature (#471).
Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Section - continueValidation method is not implemented for regex checking (#470).
Modified: wflow-core - Form Builder - Section - Hide section that should be processed on server side.
292 Modified: wflow-core - FormHashVariable - If value returned is null, replace it with an empty String (#450).
290 Modified: wflow-core/wlow-consoleweb - User Notification - Exclude activity from sending email notification (#444).
Modified: wflow-core/wlow-consoleweb - User Notification - Customizable assignment link (#449)
289 Modified: wflow-core - DefaultFormBinder - Return the correct form for the binder.
287 Fixed: wflow-core - Hash Variable - Failure to process hash variable when the return value contains regex escape characters (#443).
286 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Modified process image URL (#442).
285 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - IE9 - Form Builder, Datalist Builder, Userview Builder windows are fixed to a small size (#440).
284 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Redirect to process listing page if there are multiple processes after deploying a process.
283 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor changes in header and footer tags that cause problems in Weblogic.

278 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed incorrect link in the userview login page header.
277 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - App ID and app version are not passed over to retrieve plugin properties.
276 Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Userview redirection not working correctly.
275 Modified: wflow-core - DefaultTheme - Changed CSS.
274 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview default theme not set.
273 Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - currentAppDefinition not set from WorkflowJsonController methods. (Partially contributed by Yudhi Widyatama.)
272 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form list filter not working.
271 Modified: wflow-core - Refactored FormDataDao to improve performance.
270 Fixed: wflow-core - Section - Visibility Control not working for hidden field and multivalue element.
269 Fixed: wflow-core - Sub Form stores a new record if form definition does not contain an ID field (#435).
268 Fixed: wflow-core - Subform still stored when set to readonly.
267 Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Allow section visibility control using regex.
Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Allow section visibility control by dynamic added element.
266 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Properties Editor - HTML property type converts URL to unusable relative URL.
265 Added: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Allow DefaultFormOptionsBinder to have an empty option on top of others.
264 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed assignment in inbox or email notification not displaying correct form version.
261 Modified: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Updated userview to improve rendering performance.
260 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed plugin resource servlet not setting the correct response expiry header.
259 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Sequence of filter in actual list is not same with that in Datalist Builder (#431).
258 Modified: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Modified userviews to prevent double page loading when redirecting after form submission.
257 Modified: wflow-core - Modified Section and Grid for changes in r254.
256 Modified: wflow-core - Form Builder - Enhanced Section visibility control feature.
255 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Updated PluginManager testPlugin method to return the execution result.
254 Modified: wflow-core - Assigned a unique key to every element for use in template.
Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Datepicker not working when multiple fields have the same ID (#419).
253 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Input data in invisible section still submitted (#428).
252 Fixed: wflow-directory, wflow-consoleweb - Fixed deleting users, setting HOD on user creation and unsetting HOD (#418 and #426).
251 Modified: wflow-core - SubForm - Get binder from actual form if subform binder is not set.
250 Fixed: wflow-core - Inbox Menu - Date does not follow user time zone (#425).
Fixed: wflow-core - Service Level Monitor column missing from Inbox menu (#423).
249 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Inbox - Date formats of Date Created and Due Date are different (#424).
248 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Filter template fails to load after editing properties (#421).
247 Modified: wflow-wfengine, wflow-core - Minor refactoring in WorkflowManager to prevent unneeded audit trail record
246 Fixed: wflow-commons - StringUtil - Error in parsing URL parameter
245 Modified: wflow-core - SubForm - Checked for null value.
244 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed console header menu wrapping when translated labels are too long.
243 Modified: wflow-install - Updated SQL for empty and sample databases.
242 Fixed: wflow-core - FormMenu - Form cannot be submitted when there is a field ID called "action".
Fixed: wflow-core - InboxMenu - Form cannot be submitted when there are field IDs called "action" and "mode".
241 Fixed: wflow-commons - Problem with heavy API calls just after startup (contributed by Yudhi Widyatama)
240 Fixed: wflow-core - RunProcess - Form cannot be submitted when there is a field ID called "action".
239 Modified: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Minor refactoring and dependency updates
238 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Improved and corrected messages in properties files.
237 Fixed: wflow-core: FormMenu - Cannot load form using primary key (ID) that uses Userview Key.
236 Fixed: wflow-commons/wflow-consoleweb - Wrong handling of multi-value parameters in StringUtil and util.js.
235 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Datalist Builder - Error in retrieving filter template in design mode.
234 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Error in retrieving second-level element select value.
233 Fixed: wflow-core - Extra column is created for Form ID & Section ID in database table.
232 Modified: wflow-core - Added caching when retrieving form column names.
231 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed NullPointerException in FormMenu, InboxMenu & RunProcess after changes done in r225 & r230.
230 Fixed: wflow-core - Changed InboxMenu to redirect to next assignment instead of directly showing the next assignment form.
229 Modified: wflow-core - Form Builder - Able to set selected value in form options binder (#410).
227 Modified: wflow-core - Userview Builder - Allow theme to get information from userview object.
226 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Not able to preview due to incorrect form definition JSON.
225 Fixed: wflow-core - Changed RunProcessMenu & FormMenu to redirect to next assignment instead of directly showing the next assignment form.
224 Added: Form Builder - Column width needs to be configurable (#340).
223 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Grid value from property editor not correctly handled (#403).
222 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Property Editor - Select box value in grid not saved.

216 Modified: wflow-install - Modified Linux setup script to use sample database instead of empty one.
215 Added: wflow-install - Added sample SQL for database containing org chart and sample CRM app.
214 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Modified home page to open console in the same window.
213 Modified: wflow-install - Changed installation directory for v3.
212 Modified: wflow-install - Removed sample org chart data from jwdb-empty.sql.
211 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Grid data not kept when submitting data by pressing the Enter key in Chrome (#397).
210 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed wrong resource bundle key when an assignment is unavailable.
208 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added an option to hide or show list level action when there is no record or checkbox (#392).
207 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Delay & time taken displaying wrong value(#393).
206 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Wrong SLA limit calculation when duration unit is set to Hour (#392).
205 Fixed: wflow-core - Datepicker doesn't show up in IE (#381).
204 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - SLA does not show in monitor processes (#380).
203 Added: wflow-plugin-archetype - To generate a base plugin Maven project
202 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - AppUtil.getCurrentAppDefinition() should not be used in tool (#387).
201 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - processRequesterId is not passed over to external form (#385).
200 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Complete assignment API does not work if assignment is not yet accepted (#386).
199 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - AssignmentManager.login does not return username after first-time successful login (#384).
198 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Hash password is not working (#383).
197 Modified: wflow-core - Modified form grid element to trigger a change event when adding, editing and deleting a row.
196 Modified: wflow-core - Updated form service to automatically generate a unique ID if the ID is empty, before invoking store binders.
194 Fixed: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Fixed a problem in property editor where form options may be shown from a different app.
193 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Map ordering in element templates are messed up when loaded via an OSGI plugin.
192 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - email plugin - Typo in label
190 Added: wflow-install - Bundle CRM sample app in installer.
189 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Exclude not harmful NullPointerException thrown from dbcp in log4j (#247).
188 Fixed: wflow-core - Delete not working at row level in Datalist (#379).
186 Fixed: wflow-core - Tool not executed on deadline (#378).
185 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Minor text changes to the home/landing page
184 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added new home/landing page, favicon and error pages.
183 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Readonly field controlled by parameter with prefix fk_ not working after an unsuccessful form validation (#377).
182 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - App - Message key is wrong when editing message (#376).
181 Fixed: wflow-core - App Message Hash Variable is not working (#375).
180 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Show activity definition ID & process instance in Monitor Processes's activity view (#374).
179 Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Refactored userview embed mode support.
177 Modified: wflow-core - Refactored FormLoadBinder.
Fixed: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Incorrect process instance ID retrieved in form when starting a process with a record ID (#357).
Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added support for starting process with record ID.
176 Modified: wflow-core - Added setting to set checkbox to display or not to display in both sides of List Menu.
175 Fixed: wflow-core - NullPointerException when export datalist and column data are null (#370).
174 Fixed: wflow-core - Subform inside subform element is editable (#368).
173 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Userview Page Not Found Error after r153
172 Fixed: wflow-commons/wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder - Cannot save Unicode data properly (#369).
171 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added conditional display of current profile in footer.
170 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed possible NullPointerException when submitting a form.
169 Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Ordered fields alphabetically in Datalist Builder (#363).
167 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Removed unused "Welcome Message Delay" system setting.
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added "Landing Page" system setting to redirect user to specified page (#361).
165 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - "Package ID does not match App ID" error when deploying in non-unicode OS (#362)
164 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Visibility control on Run Apps based on userview permission (#359)
163 Fixed: wflow-core - Multiple participants on workflow variable mapping (#360)
162 Modified: General - Various updates and fixes for caching implementation in profiles
161 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - App Management: White List not working (#338).
Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Published Processes: Process listing has no check in start process white list.
160 Modified: wflow-core - Allowed subform to set workflow variable after refactoring of Form Data Storing (r154) (#331).
158 Fixed: wflow-core - Workflow Variable: Workflow variable value can't be set from Run Process Activity (#350).
157 Fixed: wflow-core - List Menu : Button and checkbox position not working (#349).
155 Fixed: wflow-core - Inbox Menu sorting should be ordered by latest created date shown at the top (#354).
154 Fixed: wflow-core - Hidden Field value still submitted when it is readonly.
Modified: wflow-core - Refactored form data storing.
Modified: wflow-core - Refactored Hibernate Mapping of form data.
152 Modified: wflow-commons / wflow-consoleweb - Refactored URL path matching logic.
151 Modified: wflow-core - FormRowDataListBinder - Lists subform field that is in the same table for available columns (#332).
150 Fixed: wflow-core - Submit button still shown when Form Menu set as readonly (#336).
149 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Form Builder: Display list of existing tables when user is creating a new form (#255).
148 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Form builder auto scroll to top when property editor is closed (#320).
147 Modified: wflow-core - Set DefaultTheme as Userview Theme default value.
Fixed: wflow-core - Page auto scrolls to top when clicking on the add or delete link of Grid.
146 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - "Guider not defined" error when ui.js is included without include guider js file.
145 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - JavaScript error when property name contains special character.
144 Fixed: wflow-core - Duplicate value validator prevents update of existing record (#328).
Added: wflow-core - Form utility method to check element value changes.
Fixed: wflow-core - FormMenu does not allow to modify ID value when ID field hits error.
Added: wflow-core - Added a hidden field in form to keep the original record ID.
143 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Cannot update user password from Setup Users (#330).
142 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Removing Element Select Properties page not handled properly in property editor.
141 Added: wflow-core - Added LoggedInUserPermission for userview permission type.
140 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Plugin message is not shown after changes on r120.
139 Added: wflow-core - Added Password form field.
138 Fixed: wflow-core - Datalist action not working (#323).
137 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Show current working item in builder quick navigator.
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added create feature in builder quick navigator.

3.0-BETA 2
134 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Keep system session alive.
132 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Guider helps to show error when the object attached to it does not exist.
131 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Plugin resource (e.g., CSS) retrieved from servlet cannot render properly in IE.
130 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed NullPointerException when viewing an assignment with empty workflow variable value on Oracle.
129 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Updated resource bundle to correct wrong case in a Userview Builder key and modified the description for the Setup Users menu when disabled by plugin.
128 Modified: wflow-install - Added URIEncoding="UTF-8" for connector to server.xml.
127 Modified: wflow-core - Modified the version of all plugins to the proper value.
126 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Removed unused code in the plugin configuration page that causes a PropertyNotFoundException for 'defaultPropertyValues'.
125 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed FormRowDataListBinder returning wrong rows and row count when the filter query does not contain any value (e.g., when ID is null).
124 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - IE8: The entire web page is rendered solid black when the new "Help" is Enabled (#317).
123 Fixed: wflow-core - Dynamic added row action & action not shown when there are no row action or actions added in builder.
122 Modified: wflow-wfengine - Updated DeadlinePlugin & ParticipantPlugin to reflect changes in plugin refactoring.
121 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Link to Run Process: Form validation error appears when form is opened (#313).
120 Added: wflow-commons - Added URL-related method to StringUtil.
Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Refactored plugin interface.
Modified: wflow-core - Updated plugins to reflect changes in plugin interface refactoring.
Modified: wflow-core - Refactored data list implementation.
Added: wflow-core - Added support for multiple data list filter and filter type.
Added: wflow-core - Added TextFieldDataListFilterType.
Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Refactored Data List Builder and added filter type support.
Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Sorting of columns, row actions, actions and filter in Datalist Builder works inconsistently.
119 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed #312: Activity Mapping: NPE thrown (caused by r117).
118 Fixed: wflow-core - Improper handling of request object does not exist when executing tool.
117 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed existing external form values not shown when editing an activity mapping.
116 Fixed: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Fixed external forms not being displayed when mapped to an activity.
115 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed wrong help message in the inbox page.
114 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Hide debugging message that displays Help key in the footer.
113 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added initial help/hints content (enabled by default) for the web console. User preference to enable/disable the hints is stored using cookies.
112 Modified: wflow-core - Properly wrapped template scripting inside element div for DatePicker, Grid & Section.
111 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added element unload function call to Form Builder.
110 Modified: wflow-core - Enhanced the default Userview theme.
109 Added: wflow-consoleweb - BeanShellFormBinder message
108 Fixed: wflow-core - Form data cannot be sorted in Oracle.
107 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Request parameter when starting process isn't passed to the next assignment.
106 Fixed: wflow-core - Column name 'uid' is a reserved keyword in Oracle.
105 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added help engine to support guided tour popup dialogs in consoleweb.
104 Added: wflow-core - Added BeanShellFormBinder.
103 Modified: wflow-core - Refactored Form Binder
102 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Workflow variable value not set from form field when running on Oracle DB (#303).
101 Added: wflow-commons - Added Utility method to obtain message.
Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Obtain message from default message bundle if cannot find message key from plugin message bundle.
Modified: wflow-core - Consolidate core plugin resource bundles for easier management/translation.
Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Removed hardcoded message.
100 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added JavaScript function to print userview content without header, navigation & footer.
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added Print button to form userview template.
99 Fixed: wflow-core - Problem including its own subform (#275)
98 Fixed: wflow-core - Run Process userview menu doesn't redirect after assignment submit (#302).
97 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed web console header not using custom CSS defined in System Settings.
96 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Missing datalist sorting images
95 Modified: wflow-core - Modified DataListMenu to pass userview key & value to datalist binder.
Modified: wflow-core - Modified FormRowDataListBinder to support userview key & value.
94 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Reduced font size for datalist table headers in the CSS.
93 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - After deploying a process, the processes page doesn't reload correctly (#249).
92 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Removed accepted status checking in inbox as it is not supported.
Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Task inbox not refreshed to reflect the latest state after task completion (#296).
91 Modified: wflow-core - Support format data before validation in FormService.
Modified: wflow-core - Added validator support for FileUpload form element (#292).
90 Modified: wflow-core - Corrected UserNotificationAuditTrail message.
89 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed Processes: Participant mapping by workflow variable does not work (#256).
88 Fixed: wflow-core - Sorting not working for InboxMenu.
Modified: wflow-core - Removed unnecessary code from InboxMenu.
87 Modified: Added prefix checks for table calls.
86 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - NullPointerException thrown when there is no due date for process & activity @ WorkflowManagerImpl.
Modified: wflow-core - Return minimum non-zero delay value in getMinMaxValue method @ ReportManager.
Fixed: wflow-core - getReportWorkflowActivityListSize @ ReportWorkflowActivityDaoImpl not working.
Fixed: wflow-core - Removed accidently committed testing code from ProcessDataCollectorAuditTrail.
85 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Added additional OSGI system package from wflow-core for plugin use.
84 Deleted: wflow-wfengine - Removed report-related classes.
Modified: wflow-wfengine - Calculate process & activity due dates with Deadline plugin.
Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Process & activity delay value not correct.
Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Process's requester not set in getRunningProcessById.
Modified: wflow-wfengine - Removed unused method from WorkflowManager.
Modified: wflow-wfengine - Added audit trail point on executeTool, executeToolCompleted & processCompleted.
Modified: wflow-wfengine - Modified calculation formula of SLA value based on process & activity createdDate, completedDate & dueDate.
Added: wflow-wfengine - Added Utility method to return SLA indicator based on warning level setting.
Added: wflow-core - Added refactored report module.
Modified: wflow-core - Rework on ProcessDataCollectorAuditTrail based on refactored report module.
Modified:wflow-consoleweb - Remove redundant code by get Service Level Indicator from WorkflowUtil.
Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added process & activity SLA report JSON API.
83 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Ajax load option on change not working after r61 :Ajax load option failed when child page contains property with same ID.
82 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed problem where a new app using a previously deleted app ID displays the previous process (#270).
81 Modified: wflow-designer - Added SLA Limit Field for process.
80 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Added missing Published Processes drop-down menu item for normal users.
79 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Added additional OSGI system packages from Spring framework for plugin use.
78 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Added additional OSGI system package from wflow-commons for plugin use.
76 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Updated consoleweb to support additional content using a plugin.
75 Modified: wflow-directory - Refactored authentication into a separate interface.
74 Modified: Added option for users to define their ID columns in the default form option binder.
73 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - User Management: Default the Role to "User" in the Create New User screen (#264).
72 Fixed: wflow-core - fk_ & fke_ parameters don't pass on if process is started with confirmation dialog first in the Run Process userview menu (#261).
71 Fixed: wflow-core - Hibernate mapping does not get updated when table name changes in Form Builder (#283).
70 Fixed: wflow-core - NullPointerException thrown from FormUtil.findElement when root element is null (#287).
69 Remove: wflow-core - Removed unused property Size of Grid form element.
Modified: wflow-core - Added support for readonly mode in Grid form element.
Fixed: wflow-core - Grid in a Sub Form is not editable even if the Sub Form is not set to readonly (#279).
68 Fixed: wflow-core - Data storing problem when subform store binder is not defined (#276).
66 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Mandatory value validation of element selected in property editor not working (#285).
Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Property type, required and validator type in property editor should be case insensitive (#286).
65 Fixed: wflow-core - Hash variable is processed at design time in Form Builder (#278).
64 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed ParticipantPlugin property loaded incorrectly (#282).
63 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Fixed PluginManager.readPluginResourceAsString problem where some new line characters were not removed (#281).
62 Modified: wflow-core - Convert multi-row data to a single field value in JSON format if no store binder is specified for an element in FormUtil.executeElementFormatData .
Added: wflow-core - Added Utilty Method to check whether a form has been submitted or not.
Modified: wflow-core - Modified Grid form element to always return multi-row FormRowSet in formatData.
Added: wflow-core - Added convenience method to get form binder property in String.
Modified: wflow-core - Override equals method of FormRow to checking equivalent with ID only.
61 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Radio button value in property editor not saved (#280).
Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Ajax load option fails when child page contains property with the same ID.
60 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed ParticipantPlugin.getActivityAssignments (map properties being passed an empty property map).
59 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added tomcat-maven-plugin to the POM to allow Tomcat to run via 'mvn tomcat:run'.
58 Bug fix in getGroupByName() method causing a Classcastexception
57 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Support custom submit button label for experimental embed form.
Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Added name attribute for popup dialog's iframe.
56 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Added experimental form for embed and integration.
55 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Added additional OSGI system packages from Spring framework for plugin use.
54 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - List method returns the cached object instance instead of its clone.
53 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed participant mapping not removing previous selections when switching mapping types.
52 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed jsontable checkbox/radio row selection not working consistently.
51 Fixed: wflow-directory - Directory Manager Plugin properties not loaded correctly.
50 Modified: wflow-wfengine - Added support to filter assignment list with ActivityDefId.
49 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Load options on change fail to load with default target value when property editor is initialized.
48 Enhanced: wflow-consoleweb - Support hash variable in Datalist JSON.
47 Fixed: wflow-core - Form menu shows assignment form instead of data form when record ID is the same as process ID.
46 Fixed: wflow-designer - Deadline unit and limit are not saved during package deployment (#267).
45 Modified: wflow-plugin-base - Changed plugin to stateless.
44 Modified: wflow-core/wflow-consoleweb - Support datalist button is visible when no record.
43 Fixed: wflow-core - Removed unused property from Inbox Menu (correction for r42).
42 Added: wflow-core - Added userview Inbox menu type. Removed: wflow-core - Removed WorkflowInboxDataListBinder.
41 Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Process-generated image does not show up after app import or XPDL upload (#269).
40 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed problem where selecting a row in the app version list was not working properly.
39 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - JSON is blocked if columns are too high in Datalist Builder (#260).
38 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Modified Manage Plugins list to display all (both OSGI and non-OSGI) plugins (#251).
37 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Support button & checkbox positioning for datalist.
Modified: wflow-core - Modified DataList Menu to support button & checkbox positioning.
36 Added: wflow-core - Added property option in the userview datalist menu to display total row count next to the label, e.g., Menu Item (10).
35 Modified: wflow-core, wflow-consoleweb - Removed duplicate method calls when generating a userview menu.
34 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Task Inbox: Unread task not highlighted (#254).
33 Added: wflow-consoleweb - RTL support (#252)
32 Fixed: wflow-core - User notification Audit Trail plugin not working (#258).
31 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Modified workflow assignment page permission to require a user login. This is necessary to work with direct links from emails.
30 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed problem where participant could not be mapped to workflow variable (no effect when clicking Submit button).
29 Fixed: wflow-core - Forms - Nested subform submission does not store data and workflow variable values correctly (#257).
28 Fixed: wflow-core - Form Builder - Fixed section visibility not working for selectboxes and radio buttons in subforms.
27 Fixed: wflow-core - Participant mapping by workflow variable does not work (#256).
26 Added: wflow-core - Added missing property (value, maxlength) to Text Field, Text Area, Select Box, Check Box, Radio Button & Date Picker form elements.
25 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Increased z-index for the builder quick navigation list so that it appears above the canvas.
24 Added: wflow-consoleweb - Quick navigation list in Form Builder, Datalist Builder & Userview Builder
23 Fixed: wflow-core - Fixed typo in the From label for the user notification audit trail plugin.
22 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Updated Form Builder to auto generate element IDs instead of leaving them blank by default (e.g., field1, field2, etc.).
21 Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Disabled invalid links in the popup dialogs when assigning users to groups, departments, etc.
20 Fixed: wflow-directory - Fixed problem of deleting users and departments (#248), and added unit test for deletion.
19 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed hard-coded list ID in DatalistBuilderWebController and amended DatalistBuilder js in retrieving DataList Binder property options.
18 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fix hard-coded list ID in DatalistBuilder js. Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Removed unused coding in DatalistBuilderWebController.
17 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Missing Doctype in FormBuilder, DatalistBuilder and UserviewBuilder
Modified: wflow-consoleweb - Show property description when field on focus in property editor.
16 Fixed: wflow-plugin-base - Added missing directory package definitions for the OSGI container.
15 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Fixed process deployment generated image that sometimes only shows up after a page refresh.
14 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - XPDL is not pass correctly in Unicode.
Fixed: wflow-core - Fails to import, export & create new version when app contains Unicode character(s) in any of its element.
Fixed: wflow-wfengine - Unicode character(s) in generatedXPDL image is incorrect.
Fixed: wflow-designer - XPDL with Unicode character(s) cannot be read properly in Workflow Designer.
13 Fixed: wflow-consoleweb - Builders' titles are not visible in IE.

Initial release of beta version.

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