Joget Workflow v6 Released

Check out the latest Joget Workflow v6 for many new features and improvements in user experience (UX), app maintainability and performance.

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Sample Organization Chart

Joget v3 comes with a sample organization chart by default. The following chart describes the organization structure:

Figure 1: Sample Organization Chart

Mapping Process Participants

By mapping process participants, we can define their roles.

In this sample application, we are going to define the Approver.

Click on Add/Edit Mapping for the Approver participant.

Figure 2: Participant Mapping

The Approver should be Applicant's HOD.
Configure the participant mapping as shown below:

Figure 3: Mapping a Participant

Repeat the same steps for the participant "Applicant" but this time, select "Performer" and  "Run Process" instead. This is the resultant mapping:

Figure 4: Participant Mapping

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