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Check out Joget DX, the next generation successor to Joget Workflow for faster, simpler digital transformation.

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  • Login to the Joget Workflow App Center as the administrator (default administrator username is "admin).Scroll down to the bottom until you see "License: Joget Workflow Enterprise v5.0". 
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  • From the Admin Bar, click on Settings.
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    Click on the license link to bring up a pop-up window. 
  • Please refer to the following screenshot to get the system key.
    The system key is a unique key that is different for every Joget Workflow installation. 
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  • What you will need is the alphanumeric string, something like this "16e126fd0b6336c13376c2528090674a4021e833fea1224d13fbff6c505780f".
    Copy the system key into your clipboard. Ensure that you only copied the string of alphanumeric text, no pre or trailing "spaces". See the screenshot above.


  • Make sure you are login as administrator. Similar to the first step, scroll down to the bottom and click on "License: Joget Workflow Enterprise v5" link to bring up the pop-up license activation window. 
  • Next, copy the "License" from your email and paste it here in the form field under "License".
  • Ensure that you enter your correct administrator username and password. 
  • Next, click on the submit button to activate your Joget Workflow.
    Please see the following screen shot for reference. 

  • The form will close after activation. You will need to RELOAD the page to check if the license activation has been successful or not.
  • If everything went as planned, you will see the following screen displayed, showing the activated license with the "Licensed To" and "License Users" info prominently displayed.Image Removed

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