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In this article, we will discuss how to design a many to many form/record relationship based on the sample app.


The app is created using simple select box and form grid. You may study its design by downloading the sample app below.

The figure below shows the design of Form1.

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Based on the figure below, we can see that Form 1 has:-

  1. An ID Generator Field to create a running number as record ID.
  2. Text Field
  3. Form Grid to select items from Form 2 to be stored in the joiner table.

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Form 2 has identical form design as per Form 1, as explained below.

In the joiner form, it contains just 2 select boxes.

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Each of the select boxes would point to Form 1 and Form 2 using Default Form Options binder as shown in the form structure figure below.

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You may try it out yourself by downloading the sample app below.

View file