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Follow the instructions up to Step 2, as documented in Running on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Then, we will need to enable the listener port necessary for Joget to establish a connection to.

Step 3: Enabling TCP/IP on Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Figure 1: Sql Server Configuration Manager

  1. Enable named pipes and TCP/IP.
  2. Open up TCP/IP Properties.

Figure 2: IP2 - TCP/IP Properties Under Protocols for SQLEXPRESS

  1. Right-click on TCP/IP and select Properties.
  2. Go to IP2, set your local IP Address in IP Address.
  3. Remove TCP Dynamic Ports value.

Figure 3: IPALL - TCP/IP Properties Under Protocols for SQLEXPRESS

  1. Go to IPAll.
  2. Empty TCP Dynamic Ports value.
  3. Set TCP Port value to 1433.

Figure 4: Restart SQL Server Service for changes to take effect

  1. Restart the server for the changes to take effect.

Figure 5: Verify the listening port using command prompt

  1. Verify that the listener is working through command prompt by executing netstat -ao.

Figure 6: Verify instance based on the PID

  1. Check on which process instance is listening to the port by executing tasklist /fi "pid eq 4488".