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  1. Browse to your MySQL's bin folder (e.g. C:\Joget-v4-Enterprise-4.0.2\mysql-5.0.96-win32\bin) in your command prompt.
  2. Execute the following. 
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    mysqld --install
  3. You will get the following when service is installed successfully.
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    Service successfully installed.
    You may verify it by going to your Windows's List of Services

You may encounter error 1067 while trying to start up the service. Possible reasons/solutions are:-

  1. Incorrect basedir value. Edit my.ini to include full path to your MySQL folder.
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  2. Incorrect my.ini file loaded. Try to include the full path to the my.ini file in creating Windows service.
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    mysqld --install MySQL --defaults-file=C:\Joget-v4-Enterprise-4.0.2\mysql-5.0.96-win32\my.ini

For more information, please refer to MySQL - Starting MySQL as a Windows Service