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Duplicate Process

In the Workflow Designer, it is possible for one to duplicate existing process under the same package using the option available in the process's properties.

Figure 1: Duplicate Process

Since the design is made up using XML, we may inspect on what is going on behind the scene.

Figure 2: Duplicated Process as "process1"

Removal of participants

Figure 3: Both processes share the same set of participants

Take note that both processes would still use the same of of participants. Modifying the name or removal of participant at any of the processes may affect all other processes that uses the particular participant.

Figure 4: Delete and Remove participant

Remove participant will only remove the swimlane from the particular process. The participant would still exists in the design package.

However, Delete will completely erase such participant from the entire design package. If there's any process that uses the deleted participant, you may see the following in the screenshot.

Figure 5: Deleted participant causing problem to existing processes

Separation of participants

Depending on your design requirement, sometimes, you may not want to share the participants across the same processes so that you would have the liberty to rename your participants individually without affect any other processes, you will need to either:-

  1. Create new participant and move existing activities from the old participant to the new one one by one.
  2. Create new participant, locate the activities that use the old participant in the XPDL view and do a search and replace in your favourite text editor.