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Email Tool enables one to send out Email in a Workflow Processemails as part of a workflow process.

Figure 1: Email Tool Properties - Configure Email Tool

 SMTP Host

Mail server address .

 SMTP Port

Mail server port .


Mail server security .
Available options: -

  • None
  • TLS
  • SSL

 Does the SMTP need authentication?

Does your mail server needs need you to be authenticated?

 SMTP Username

Mail server authentication username .

 SMTP Password

Mail server authentication password .

Figure 2: Email Tool Properties - Email

From Email to sent out from.

Sender of the email

To (Specific email address)

Recipient emails. (Multiple emails separated comma Email recipient (multiple emails are separated by commas)

To (Participant ID)

Participant ID (Workflow Process Participantsworkflow process participants)


Carbon Copy Recipient emails. (Multiple emails separated commaemail recipient (multiple emails are separated by commas)

Subject Email subject.

Short description of email message


Email content .

HTML Content?

Is the email content consists of an HTML contentmaterial?

Figure 3: Email Tool Properties - Attachments


Form to look up for attachments. attach

Form Upload Fields

File attachment field ID. ; "Form" must be selected first for this option to work.


If files can't be located from are not in the form, you may use this option to specify the path to the files you want to attach.


Security Applications / Firewall

When your emails fail to send be sent out or to connect to the smtp SMTP server, email sending may have been blocked by an antivirus anti-virus or firewall installed on in the local machine. Ensure that the your Java Runtime Engine is given the rights permission to send messages out.