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To reset, simply set the parameter "_lang" value to empty.

How To Copy Message Records To Another Joget Platform

If you need to migrate Manage Messages records from one platform to another, you can use this demonstration app APP_export_import_edit_message_dx_kb.jwa to export the system locale message records and import them into another Joget platform (for example from Joget Cloud to your Joget On-Premise). Just import the app in both of these platforms to use. The app read and write to the System Locale Message database table ( jwdb.wf_resource_bundle_message ) using JDBC ( SQL syntax is based on MySQL, so do change as required for MSSQL/ORACLE or PostgreSQL ). This app is not designed to read or write the ".po" or ".properties" file. The app just helps you edit or migrate records you have already created in the Manage Messages screen to another Joget installation.

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