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Configure XRPL Wallet Load Binder

rippled Server

Select the network to

perform transactions on

load wallet data from:

  • General Purpose Mainnet
  • Full History Mainnet
  • Devnet
  • Testnet
  • Custom Server

"Mainnet" uses real-world XRP.
Please use "testnet" or "devnet" or your own test rippled server for testing purposes.

The selectable networks here connects to official XRPL public servers.
To learn more about all the network types and public servers available, see:

rippled URL

Only available if Custom Server is selected for rippled Server property.

If you have setup your own rippled server, key in its URL here.

Wallet AddressThe wallet's classic address to load data for. Hash Variable is also accepted.

Map Value To Form Fields

Is Account From Validated Ledger FlagTo indicate if wallet data is retrieved from the most recent validated ledger or from the latest possible ledger index.
Current Wallet Balance

The current available balance in this wallet.

Last Recent Transaction That Modified This Account

The identifying hash of the transaction that most recently modified this account.

Last Recent Transaction Sent By This Account

The identifying hash of the transaction most recently sent by this account.

To display this info, AccountSetFlag.ACCOUNT_TXN_ID flag must be enabled for this account.

Account Domain

The account's domain name, represented as a hex string of the lowercase ASCII.

You can put any domain in your account's Domain field. This is typically used to prove that an account and domain belong to the same person or business.

To learn more about account domain, see:

Account Email HashThe account's md5 hash of an email address. Typically used to look-up or generate an avatar image (e.g.: Gravatar).
Account Object Count

The number of objects this account owns in the ledger, which contributes to its owner reserve.

To learn more about fields of an account, see: