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  • User Experience
    • Enhanced App User Experience for Desktop and Mobile
    • Customizable App Center with Joget Marketplace Integration
    • Dashboard Capabilities
    • Calendar View
    • Unobtrusive Admin and Design Interface
    • Design Apps Anytime, Anywhere with Support for Touch Devices
  • App Maintainability and Performance
    • Improved App Maintainability with Advanced Tools
    • Enhanced Configuration Options for Codeless Apps
    • Improved Performance with Userview Caching
    • Database Connection Monitoring and Leak Detection
    • Additional Plugins Out of the Box for Greater Flexibility
    • Latest Upgrades Under The Hood

What 's Planned for Joget is New in Joget Workflow v6

v5.0 (Q1 2016)

  • New App Center
  • New Admin Sidebar
  • New Web-Based Process Builder
  • Seamless App Installation from the Joget Marketplace
  • Improved App Generator
  • Improved App Theme Flexibility
  • New Form Signature
  • New Audit Trail For Forms
  • New and Enhanced App Plugins
  • New Performance Analyzer

  • Performance and Scalability Enhancements

  • Framework Upgrade - Latest Spring 4 and Hibernate 4 Upgrades