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This plugin pack is in early development stages and not ready for production use.

Feel free to clone the source at JogetOSS and enhance/adapt to your requirements.


To operate the Hedera plugin pack on the previewnet or testnet, please create a Hedera Portal Profile.


Table of Contents


The Hedera Ledger Pack integrates Hedera with Joget, and allows you to design Joget apps that interacts with the Hedera DLT.

This plugin pack contains these plugins:

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The plugin source codes can be found at JogetOSS Github. Feel free to clone and customize to suit your needs.

To learn more about Hedera, see

Sample App

(Updated as of 23-Feb-2023, on plugin pack 7.0.3)

This sample app below is a simple showcasing of integration with the various plugins within the Hedera Ledger Pack.

Do ensure that these plugins are installed in your Joget platform before trying out the sample app:

For Joget DX7:

View file

For Joget DX8:

View file

Simply import & publish the app above into your Joget instance and start using.

There may be additional instructions/prerequisites to perform after importing the app. Do check the setup checklist on the homepage of the app.