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  1. Install the Joget SAML Plugin from the Joget Marketplace.
  2. In the Joget System Settings > General Settings, set API Domain Whitelist   to * (IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is not set, you will get a 400 Forbidden error when performing the SSO)
  3. In the Joget System Settings > Directory Manager, select the Joget SAML Plugin.
  4. In the Joget SAML Plugin configuration, copy the Entity ID and ACS URL. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Azure AD requires the ACS URL to be HTTPS so your Joget installation must be running under HTTPS )
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2. Configure Azure Active Directory for SAML


  1. Open the downloaded certificate file and copy the contents into the IDP Certificate field in the Joget SAML Plugin configuration (NOTE: copy without the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- lines) 
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4. Test the SAML SSO

  1. Access the Azure My Apps Portal, click on the application, and select the user to perform the SSO. 

  2. If the SSO configuration is correct, the current user will be logged into Joget.