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Default UI

Defines which App's UI to be shown as the default landing page when end users access the Joget platform (e.g.: ).

Typically, this is used to point to your own app's UI with your corporate branding.

Landing Page

Change the default landing page from the default Joget App Center.


Settings--> General Settings--> Landing Page


After a session timeout, users will be redirected to the landing page. (Related: Timeout management)

System Time Zone

By default, Joget will use server's timezone.

You may override it with your preferred timezone option.

By default, Joget will use server's locale.

You may override it with your preferred locale option. (Related: Platform Translation, General Settings - Server Locale and Time Zone)

By default, Joget will use " dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm aa" as the date format.

You may override it with your preferred date format.

When checked, Joget will use the date format of the System Locale set above, overriding the set above.
Use Locale for First Day of Week

When checked, Joget will read the 


For this setting to work reliably, when selecting the System Locale or User Locale, select a locale with region/country.


  • for Germany, first day of week is Monday.

de         - (Incorrect. Because this is only the locale, but does not specify region.)

de_DE   - (Correct)

Enables locale selection to users through User Profile. 

Selection of locales available to users. ("Enable User Locale Selection" must be active first.)

Check this option to enable RTL display mode. 

Display Name FormatChanges the display format of the users. (Changes can be seen in the top right of UI, when user hash variable is used to display full name, and when you configure user permission)

Custom CSS file to replace the default look and feel of the web console. (Default CSS file resides at /jw/css/v3.css)

Inline custom CSS to be appended into the web console in addition to the default/CSS URL. 

Determines if user defined HTML input value should be rendered in List listing. Check this option to disable this ability.