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This is an Audit Trail plugin that intercepts assignment completion events. This plugin can be configured to store form with form data in a .pdf extension of a completed assignment in the server or/and send out the attachment as an email.

Plugin Info

Marketplace linkPDF Audit Trail Plugin

Plugin Type: Audit Trail Plugin

Joget Version: Version 5.0 onward

Joget Edition: Community and Enterprise


  1. Upload the downloaded jar file through Manage Plugins.
  2. Go to your desired App -> Properties & Export -> Set Plugin Default Properties and choose PDF Audit Trail.
  3. Configure the properties fields.


  1. Sample email sent out.
  2. Sample pdf file generated.

    With the option Store File Locally checked, the PDF file created will be stored in wflow/app_formuploads/pdf-audit/[Process Instance ID] folder.

    This is the listing of files for a specific process instance.

Plugin Properties

Configure PDF Audit Trail


Email Server SMTP Host. Example:


Email Server SMTP Port. Typically, port 465 for the SSL security option and 587 for TLS

  • None
  • TLS
  • SSL
SMTP Username

Email Server Account Username. On your Google email account, use your full email address.

SMTP Password

Email Server Account Password. Password submitted will be encrypted for security reasons.

Store File Locally

When checked, the PDF file of the form submitted will be saved to the server. Convenient toggle to enable/disable local file store. File will be stored at app_formuploads\pdf-audit\[PID]\[AID].pdf

Send Email

When checked, the PDF file of the form submitted will be sent out. Convenient toggle to enable/disable Email sending.



Sender email address.

To (Specific email address) 
Recipient fully qualified address.

A fully qualified address is expected. Multiple values can be accepted by separating them with semicolons. CC: lets you send a copy of a message to someone who's interested, but is not the primary recipient.

Send Separate Email to Performer

When checked, a copy of the email will be sent out to the actual performer himself/herself. If you wish to give the performer of the activity a copy of the PDF, you may check this.

Email Subject
Email Message
Email Message
Include Activity Information in Email message

When checked, additional information will be prepended to the email message.

HTML Content?
Check if "Message" is intended to be a HTML content.

Customize PDF

Formatting (CSS)

CSS to be included when generating pdf files. The Advanced > Formatting (CSS) field gives you formatting options (font size and color) for the output. 

Available CSS Classes:

Code Block
- Wildcard. Everything in the form.
- Container of a section
- Container of section title
- Container of column
- Container of field
- Label of field
//Sub Form
- Container of a Subform
- Container of Subform title
- Container of section in Subform
- Container of section title in Subform
- Container of column in Subform
- Container of field in Subform
- Container of configured header
- Container of configured footer

Figure 5: This figure illustrates the CSS classes used in the form layout.

Code Block
//Change all word to blue color
*, .form-cell{
//Change all word to smaller size
*, .form-cell{
//Change all label format to underline
//Transform all header format to uppercase

Font & Unicode 

There are a few fonts (added by default) that you can use in CSS formatting.  They are:

Code Block
serif, sans-serif, monospace, Courier, TimesRoman,

For Unicode content, you can use the following fonts for Asian languages (i.e., Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean):

Code Block
STSong-Light, MSung-Light, HeiseiMin-W3,  HYGoThic-Medium

Note: "STSong-Light" gives the best result for Chinese; "MSung-Light" for Traditional Chinese; "HeiseiMin-W3" for Japanese; and "HYGoThic-Medium" for Korean.

Code Block
Header (HTML)Header in HTML to be included when generating pdf file.
Repeat header on every page?If checked, the Header (HTML) will be included in every subsequent pages in the generated pdf file.
Footer (HTML)Footer in HTML to be included when generating pdf file.
Repeat footer on every page?If checked, the Footer (HTML) will be included in every subsequent pages in the generated pdf file.
Include Activity Information in PDF

When checked, activity information will be prepended to the top of the pdf file.

Activity Exclusion

Activity Exclusion
Define activities not to be included in this plugin.

Changes Log

  • Initial release


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