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  1. Add a text field in a Form, call it as "marker".
  2. Add a Custom HTML in a Form. Place the following code:-

    Code Block
    <button id="showMap">Show in Map</button>
    <div id="mapholder"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $( function(){
        $("button#showMap").click( function(event){
    function showPosition(position) {
        var latlon = position;
        var iframe_url = "[YourGoogleAPIKeyHere]&q=" + latlon;
        document.getElementById("mapholder").innerHTML = "<iframe width='85%', height='500px' src='"+iframe_url+"'>";
  3. A button will be shown.
  4. Enter a value such as a name of a place or a coordinate into the textfield and click the button.
  5. On the click of the button, it will retrieve the value from the text field earlier and display the map.