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After the new certificate has been issued, you can then access the Joget domain with https to ensure that everything is working properly.

7.Scale Deployment

While you can set the nodes or pods to autoscale in AKS (read here), you can also scale the number of nodes or pods manually. To scale the number of pods running Joget, you can use the kubectl command.

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kubectl scale –replicas=3 deployment/joget-dx7-tomcat9

Adjust the replica number as you desired and the desired number of pods will initialize and startup.

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As for the node, you can scale the node count of the node pool from the Azure portal. Go to the Cluster in the Kubernetes service (in this guide example jogetakscluster) > Settings > Node pools. Select the node pool and then click on the Scale node pool. Choose Manual as the Scale method and input the desired node count (maximum available resource is based on the VM size that you have chosen).

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