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Table of Contents

Creating a Login Page

The first step of this tutorial is to customize the Login Page UI of your app. This setting can be found in Configure Layout > Configure DX 8 Plain > Advanced > Progressive Web App (PWA) Settings > Login Page UI.  In the Custom HTML section of the page we will use the following code to create our custom login page:
Code Block
body#login #loginForm{display: none;} <!--we hide the default form -->
.img100{height: 100% !important;};

<section class="vh-100" style="background-color: #9A616D;">
  <div class="container py-5 h-100">
    <div class="row d-flex justify-content-center align-items-center h-100">
      <div class="col col-xl-10">
        <div class="card" style="border-radius: 1rem;">
          <div class="row g-0">
            <div class="col-md-6 col-lg-5 d-none d-md-block">
              <img src=""
                alt="login form" class="img-fluid img100" style="border-radius: 1rem 0 0 1rem;" />
            <div class="col-md-6 col-lg-7 d-flex align-items-center">
              <div class="card-body p-4 p-lg-5 text-black">


                  <div class="d-flex align-items-center mb-3 pb-1">
                    <i class="fas fa-cubes fa-2x me-3" style="color: #ff6219;"></i>
                    <span class="h1 fw-bold mb-0">Logo</span>

                  <h5 class="fw-normal mb-3 pb-3" style="letter-spacing: 1px;">Sign into your account</h5>

                  <div class="form-outline mb-4">
                    <input type="text" id="fake-username" class="form-control form-control-lg" />
                    <label class="form-label" for="fake-username">Username</label>

                  <div class="form-outline mb-4">
                    <input type="password" id="fake-password" class="form-control form-control-lg" />
                    <label class="form-label" for="fake-password">Password</label>

                  <div class="pt-1 mb-4">
                    <button class="btn btn-dark btn-lg btn-block" type="button" id="fake-login">Login</button>

                  <a class="small text-muted" href="#!">Forgot password?</a>
                  <p class="mb-5 pb-lg-2" style="color: #393f81;">Don't have an account? <a href="#!"
                      style="color: #393f81;">Register here</a></p>
                  <a href="#!" class="small text-muted">Terms of use.</a>
                  <a href="#!" class="small text-muted">Privacy policy</a>


  $('#fake-login').on('click', function(){
  $('#fake-username').on('change', function(e){
  $('#fake-password').on('change', function(e){