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This is a supplementary article for the article Server Clustering Guide. Instead of running Apache 2 as the load balancer on a Linux-based system, we are going to use Windows-based Apache 2 instead. In this example, we are going to use Apache Lounge.

Apache Lounge would accept normal HTTP connection from the end clients and forward the requests to the Joget nodes that are also listening on normal HTTP protocol too.

Deployment Guide

Download Apache Lounge

  1. Download Apache Lounge from
  2. Extract to your preferred location.
  3. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to extract it to c:/Users/cat/Apache24.

Server Clustering Guide

Please follow the steps in Server Clustering Guide except for Configure Load Balancer section.

Configure Load Balancer

Edit the file \Apache24\conf\httpd.conf.

Uncomment these lines to enable the necessary modules.

Code Block
LoadModule headers_module modules/
LoadModule lbmethod_byrequests_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_balancer_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/
LoadModule slotmem_shm_module modules/

Configure the variable SRVROOT to point to your working path.

Code Block
Define SRVROOT "c:/Users/cat/Apache24"

Append these to the end of the file.

Code Block
<VirtualHost *>
    ErrorLog "C:\Users\cat\Apache24\joget\logs\jwsite-error.log"
    CustomLog "C:\Users\cat\Apache24\joget\logs\jwsite-access.log" combined
    DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm
    <Proxy balancer://wscluster>
        BalancerMember ws://server1:8080 route=node01
        BalancerMember ws://server2:9090 route=node02
        Require all granted
    ProxyPass /jw/web/applog balancer://wscluster/jw/web/applog stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid
    ProxyPassReverse /jw/web/applog balancer://wscluster/jw/web/applog
    <Proxy balancer://cluster>
        BalancerMember http://server1:8080 route=node01
        BalancerMember http://server2:9090 route=node02
        Require all granted
    ProxyPass /jw balancer://cluster/jw stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid
    ProxyPassReverse /jw balancer://cluster/jw
    ProxyPreserveHost On

Create a new folder at this location to host the log files.

  • C:\Users\cat\Apache24\joget\logs

Start the Apache server

Code Block

Once you have verified that it is working, you may consider to set it up as a Windows service, please see