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  • Linux
  • Java 7 8 and above
  • MySQL 5.5 and above


  1. Execute the file (joget.home)/
  2. When prompted for Account Profile Name, enter the required account name (e.g., demo).
  3. The next prompt is for the Main Domain Name.  Enter the main domain (e.g.,
  4. Subsequent inputs will have default values that you can just enter and accept, or change before submitting. 
  5. Upon submission of all the inputs, the script will create the database and perform the necessary configuration for the account. The inputs are as follows:

Account Profile Name

Desired account name (e.g., demo) 

Main Domain

Main domain (e.g., 

Account Domain Name

Account domain (e.g., 

Account Database Name

Database name for the account (e.g., jwc_demo) 

Account Database User

Database user for the account (e.g., jwc_demo) 

Account Database Password

Database password for the account (e.g., jwc_demo) 

Home Directory

Joget home directory; defaults to current directory 

wflow Directory

Joget configuration directory; defaults to ./wflow

MySQL host name

Database server host name

MySQL port

Database port

MySQL username

Database admin user (with permission to create database)

MySQL password

Database admin password

Cloud Admin App

For convenience, a simple Joget app is provided to automate the account request approval and provisioning process.


Backups should be done for all MySQL databases as well as configuration and data files in (joget.home)/wflow.