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In Advanced Tools, you will find 5 tabs in all the builder mentioned and 6 tabs in the Form Builder. In Form Builder, the sixth extra tab is Table.

Table of Contents

Tree Viewer

Figure 3: Advanced Tools - Tree Viewer


Clicking on the edit (pencil) icon on the right of the node allows one to configure/edit its properties right away. Upon saving of the properties, the tree viewer will refresh itself.


Figure 5: Advanced Tools - Usages

In the second tab, app designer can inspect on where the current entity is being used. From the screenshot example above, we can tell that the form is being used in another form and also being part of a workflow process. With such feature, app designer will be able to manage the form design well within the scope of its usages.


Figure 6: Advanced Tools - Table


At the bottom of it, existing table columns are listed down for app designer's reference.


i18n Internationalization

Figure 7: Advanced Tools - i18n Internationalization

Labels defined in the builder will be automatically listed down here for internationalization purpose. We can define in as many languages as we want to.

Diff Checker

Figure 8: Advanced Tools - Diff Checker

The Diff Checker capability makes collaborative works possible without losing the modifications done by other teammates who are working on the same entity at the same time. In this section, one can tell which are the changes have been made since the initial first load of his/her builder against the copy in the server. Click on Merge & Update button will ensure that all modifications are merged.

JSON Definition

Figure 9: Advanced Tools - JSON Definition