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Organizational Chart Userview Menu plugin is used to visualise organizational charts based on Joget Organization Chart data or Form Data. This plugin efficiently retrieves information related to organizations, departments, sub-departments, users and their job titles. 


Be aware that this Plugin comes with the following limitation:

  1. Note on "Display From Right To Left" setting.
    Please be aware that the Organizational chart feature may not display as intended when the "Display From Right To Left" setting is enabled (Settings→General Settings→Display From Right To Left ). For best results its recommended to keep the "Display From Right To Left" setting disabled for the organizational chart section.

  2. Note on Pan and Zoom Configuration
    When the 'Enable Pan Zoom' option within the 'Configure Organizational Chart Menu' is enabled and the chart is panned extensively to one side, collapsing a node might cause it to disappear from the screen. Reloading the page will resolve this.

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