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This post will explain how to run joget on MSSQL and migrate the existing schema and data from mysql to mssql 2005, step-by-step本文以Mysql迁移到MSSQL为例,讲解数据库迁移的步骤.

1. To run joget on MSSQL 2005, you can refer to this post 如何在 MSSQL 2005运行Joget, 您可以参考 配置 MS SQL Server 2005

2. Once you have it running, import your existing joget application.

Till this point, all is pretty much straightforward.  Now the issue arises on how to import the existing schema and existing data from mysql to mssql 2005. Here, I am referring to a few existing tables in my joget application and the data which I would like to migrate to MSSQL and have running properly, without any errors.


至此都非常简单.  现在我们要介绍如何将已有的Mysql数据迁移到mssql 2005.

迁移前, 我们需要使用几个第三方工具, 最常用的工具是 To do the migration, we have to use some third party tools, the most commonly used of which is the ESF Database Migration Toolkit.  This tool is free to use, but it will append certain prefix/postfix to data. 这个工具可免费使用, 但它将会在数据上添加前/后缀.

通过Google搜索, 我们可以发现 After searching Google, what I found is that  On August 12, 2010, Microsoft made available the first version of a tool designed to help customers migrate from MySQL to SQL Server and/or SQL Azure.

The MySQL migration tool is part of the MySQL 迁移工具是 SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) tookit family中的一部分. Microsoft delivers database migration tool 提供了以下工具 for Oracle to MSSQL, SYBASE to MSSQL, MySql to MSSQL and MS Access to MSSQL.

In our case, it is 在本例中我们使用 MySql to MSSQL.

1. Dowbload the Microsoft 下载 Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL from 迁移助手 Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL v5.2.

2. We also need to download the 我们还要下载 Standardized database driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix platforms.

Once you have downloaded and installed both of them, launch the SSMA tool.

This tool can do wonders. It allows to migrate the schema, or you can select certain tables.  The same goes for data migration for whole scheme or certain tables. It generates the reports before performing the migration and tells you the summary for what it can migrate and what it can't migrate, and also post migration reports telling us how well the migration went. Below is the screenshot of the tool.

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当下载完毕,安装并启动 SSMA 工具.

它允许全部迁移或选择部分数据表迁移, 请看截图.

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您也可以观看以下视频Now, how to use this tool to perform the migration is an easy step-by-step process.  You can watch the videos here:

Converting MySQL Schema

Migrating MySQL Data