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Google Cloud Platform is Google's cloud computing and hosting platform. The Compute Engine is a part of the Google Cloud Platform that runs virtual machines (VM) on Google's high performance, scalable infrastructure.  是Google云平台. 计算引擎是 Google云平台的一部分, 可以运行高性能、可扩展架构的虚拟机 (VM). 

作为一个开源企业web应用快速开发平台, Joget Workflow 可以作为Google Cloud Platform很好的组件As an open source platform to easily build enterprise web apps for cloud and mobile, Joget Workflow is a good complement for the Google Cloud Platform

This article describes the steps required to deploy Joget Workflow on a Linux VM using the Compute Engine. You can also use other OS platforms
本文介绍了在Google计算平台虚拟机上部署 Joget Workflow 的步骤. 您也可以使用其它操作系统 (e.g. Windows, OSX, etc) by adapting the commands accordingly .


Google Cloud Platform now has an Google云平台现在有一个 always-free tier that allows you to host servers without cost 可以免费使用.
However, do note that the free tier is limited, and it is recommended to choose an appropriate machine type for your requirements然而, 请注意免费服务有限制, 请根据您的需要, 选择合适的 机器类型 .


Table of Contents

Step 1: Signup for Google Cloud Platform