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In this article, we will attempt to show you on how to introduce a conditional repetitive loop on using Deadlines.

Typically, we would have a Deadline set at the intended activity itself like the following diagram.

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Figure 1: Asynchronous deadline set at "Approve Leave" activity to "Send Reminder"

It is a very simple and straight forward design we got above but there may be a need to send out reminder at an interval, not just once. Therefore, we may design our workflow in such a manner like the one below.

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Figure 2: Repetitively triggering "Send Reminder" using a waiting activity "Wait for Timeout"

By using a waiting/dummy activity, we can then loop it around and add a conditional transition to trigger/stop sending reminder.

在本文中,我们将向您展示如何使用最后期限的条件  重复循环。


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