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Figure 1: Viewing a Running Process Instance

In this view, one can see the state, statistical data and the activity list of a particular process instance. In the activity list, one can click on a specific item to view the activity instance's information. (See Running Activity Instance.)

Actions that the administrator can perform on the process instance:

  • View Graph
    Displays the workflow diagram, where the current activities are highlighted in yellow
  • Abort Instance
    Terminates the process instance, leaving the process data intact
  • Remove Instance
    Permanently deletes the process instance; process data will be removed as well
  • Re-evaluate
    In cases where participant mappings are changed before the process is completed, this action will allow pending assignments to be reassigned to the newly-mapped participants.

Process State

Typically, when a new process instance is created, the state of the process instance will be open.running.

If the process instance is aborted by the administrator's deliberate action, the state will become or when a new process design is deployed over the same app version, then the state will become closed.aborted.

In natural progression, the process will come to an end with the state of 查看运行中的流程实例

在此页面, 您可以看到该流程实例的相关活动(节点)列表. 在活动列表中, 点击一行可以查看该活动信息. (参见 运行中的活动实例.)


  • 查看图形(流程图)
    查看流程图, 当前所处的节点为黄色高亮
  • 终止实例
    结束该实例, 流程数据为非活动
  • 移除实例
    删除当前流程实例; 流程数据也将被删除
  • 再评估


通常, 当1个新的流程实例被创建, 流程实例的状态为 open.running.

如果流程被管理员终止, 或1个新的流程版本被部署, 状态将显示为 closed.aborted.

正常情况下, 流程结束时状态为 closed.completed.