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图 1: 查看1个已完成的流程实例

In this view, one can see the state, statistical data and the activity list of a particular process instance. In the activity list, one can click on a specific item to view the activity instance's information. (See Completed Activity Instance)

Actions that the administrator can perform on the process instance:

在此页面, 您可以查看该流程实例的状态、所有活动. 在活动列表中, 您可以点击查看1个活动实例的详情. (参见 已完成的活动实例)


  • (流程图)
  • 移动实例
    删除当前流程实例; 流程数据也将被删除
  • View Graph
    Displays the workflow diagram
  • Remove Instance
    Permanently deletes the process instance; process data will be removed as well