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This use case will enable the Spreadsheet Cascading Drop-Down List to hide a value that has been selected on the row before. It is vital to ensure that the value will not be shown as an option for the next row. It will hide the user's value for the prior row. This will be useful to prevent the user from selecting the same value on the next row. However, it the value that has been selected will not delete the value from the database table and be deleted. The value can still be used and selected once the form has been saved. Once the form has been saved and submitted, the value will still appear for the next form updating usageyou to use and select for the subsequent form input.


This tutorial caters to use cases that require a highly customized spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet form element uses the Handsontable library, specifically version 6.2.2 for Joget Workflow V6.

There is a wealth of plugins and APIs in the library documentation to change the cell appearance, cell selection, dynamic data, dynamic validation, and much more.