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titleNew feature

This is a new feature in Joget DX version 8.1 onwards


User can view and edit/update the any beanshell script used in the app seamlessly by clicking on the beanshell script listed in the App Overview Tool.

Figure 6b : Editing/viewing the beanshell script.

3) Hash Variable  : A listing of all hash variables used, the element that is using it, also quick way to update it.


Figure 9b : Installed Plugin listing from another App (JogetDocs)

Viewing the location of where specific plugin is being used.

Click on any plugin from the listing in the app overview tools to see the exact location of the plugin usage. By clicking on the plugin, it will redirect you to the page of the plugin location.

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Figure 9c : Viewing plugin usage

5) Database Query : A listing of JDBC and where it is used.


Figure 10b : Database Query listing in another app (JogetDoc)

Viewing/editing the database query used.

By clicking on any database query listed in the app overview tools, it will redirect you to the page that the query is being used. This will allow seamless editing and updating right on exact query location.

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Figure 10c : Viewing/editing the database query

6) Web Coding : A listing of Custom html & JavaScript and where it is used.

Figure 11 : Web Coding

Viewing and editing the web coding 

By clicking any web coding listed, it will redirect you to the specific page and location that the web coding is being used. Hence, enabling a seamless experience to update and edit the code on the exact usage location.

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Figure 11b : Viewing/Editing web coding.

7) Integration :A listing of tables and its usage.

Figure 12 : Integration

Viewing /editing the tables and its usages

Click on any listing of the integration used will redirect to the specific page and element that it is being used allowing a seamless editing and viewing.

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Figure 12b : Viewing/editing any table integration.

8) Overview Map : A tree or mind map of everything

Figure 13 : Overview Map

Expand and taking screenshot of the Overview Map.

Click on Expand All to see the whole structure of the app built.

Click on Screenshot  to have a screenshot with .png format downloaded to your local machine.

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Figure 13a : Overview mapExpand All and Screenshot taking in Overview Map.

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