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  1. Line number 2 can be removed to remove the "help" icon.
  2. The list of published apps is loaded by AppCenter.loadPublishedApps method. This method has extra 2 arguments to customize the published app list.

    Code Block
    AppCenter.loadPublishedApps(container, customUrl, excludes);   
    container : This is the container to populate the app list
    customUrl : This can change to a custom url to load the app list instead of the default url eg. /web/json/apps/published/userviews?appCenter=true
    excludes : This is used to exclude the unwanted userview from populate in the app center list. It is an array of string in syntax of "appId:userviewId"
    Example: AppCenter.loadPublishedApps(container, null, ["isr:isr", "crm:view"]);  

Disabling the "help" (Hint/Guide)