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If you are using an OVA (Open Virtualization Format) compatible virtualization platform such as VMWare or VirtualBox, you can download and use the OVA image.

The VM image contains a default installation of Joget Workflow on Apache Tomcat, MySQL and Ubuntu Linux.



如果您使用的是与OVA(开放虚拟化格式)兼容的虚拟化平台,如  VMWare  或  VirtualBox,则可以下载并使用OVA映像。

VM镜像包含Apache Tomcat,MySQL和Ubuntu Linux上的Joget Workflow默认安装。

所有服务都已配置为在启动时启动,并且可以通过URL http:// IP_OF_VM:8080VM:8080 / jw访问Joget Workflow 



  • Joget Workflow v6 Enterprise Edition 6v6企业版6.0.2
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.23
  • MySQL 5.7.21
  • Ubuntu 16.04.2 64-bit

Installing the VM


Modify the VM Settings (CPU, Memory, Network Adapter) as required. Typically, a bridged network connection is required for the VM to be accessible on the network (please refer to the Additional Notes section below for more details)


Start the VM.


The IP of the VM should display in the login screen if the VM is connected to the network. If no IP is available, login to Ubuntu and type "ifconfig" to obtain the IP address.


  • 64位


  1. SourceForge下载VM  。
  2. 解压缩文件并将OVA文件导入您的虚拟化平台。
  3. 根据需要修改虚拟机设置(CPU,内存,网络适配器)。通常情况下,虚拟机需要桥接网络连接才能在网络上访问(请参阅下面的“附加注释”部分以获取更多详细信息)

  4. 启动虚拟机。

  5. 如果虚拟机连接到网络,虚拟机的IP应显示在登录屏幕上。如果没有IP地址,请登录到Ubuntu并输入“ifconfig”来获取IP地址。

  6. 在Web浏览器中,使用URL http:// IP_OF_VM:8080VM:8080 / jw.访问Joget Workflow  。

Additional Notes



  • Joget工作流管理员登录:admin / admin

  • Ubuntu Login: ubuntu Ubuntu登录:ubuntu / ubuntu

  • MySQL Login: root MySQL登录:root / root
  • Joget Workflow Path: Joget工作流程路径:/ opt / joget
  • Apache Tomcat Path: Tomcat路径:/ opt / joget / apache-tomcat
  • Tail Apache Tomcat Log File: tail Tomcat日志文件:tail -f /opt/joget/apache-tomcat/logs/catalina.out
  • Start Apache Tomcat: sudo 启动Apache Tomcat:sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat startStop Apache Tomcat:
  •  sudo 停止Apache Tomcat:sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat stopConfigure the network adapter from the default NAT to Bridged connection so that the instance can be accessible within your local network.
    For example, on VMWare Player, select Bridged network connection.
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    On Virtualbox, select Bridged Adapter.
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    If there are problems obtaining a network connection, login to Ubuntu and configure the network as per 
  • 将网络适配器从默认  NAT配置  为  桥接  连接,以便可以在本地网络中访问该实例。
    例如,在VMWare播放器上,选择  桥接  网络连接。在Virtualbox上,选择  桥接适配器

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