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"Submit Sample" is a "Run Process" element and "Manage Sample" is a "CRUD" element. We can combine the ability to "Run Process" into CRUD's add button. With this, we can hide the "Sample Approval Process" category.

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First of all, obtain the "Custom ID" / Link ID or the "Run Process" element as shown in the figure above.


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首先,获取“Custom ID”/ Link ID或“Run Process”元素,如上图所示。

然后,将以下脚本插入CRUD的“自定义页脚”。Then, insert the following script into the "Custom Footer" of the CRUD.

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$("button[value='CRUD_New']").click( function(event){
    window.location.href = "sample_submit_process"; //replace the value with the custom ID of Run Process

By doing so, we have remove the default capability of "Add Record" in CRUD and points it to "Run Process".通过这样做,我们删除了CRUD中“添加记录”的默认功能,并将其指向“运行过程”。