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Code Block

| c_name | c_quantity | c_price | c_parent_id                     |


| pen    | 1          | 10      | 1177_purchaseRequition_purchase |

| pencil | 2          | 20      | 1177_purchaseRequition_purchase |

| SUM    | 3          | 30      | 1177_purchaseRequition_purchase |


However, it does not actually play out well with the JDBC Binder as it is only expecting one parameter in the query. Our union query has 2 parameters.

In order to overcome this, we can create a stored procedure in the database instead.

Code Block
CREATE PROCEDURE purchase_items_dataset
(IN recordId CHAR(255))
  select c_name, c_quantity, c_price, c_parent_id from app_fd_purchase_items where c_parent_id = recordId
select "SUM", sum(c_quantity), sum(c_price), c_parent_id from app_fd_purchase_items where c_parent_id = recordId;
END //

With the stored procedure to return the appropriate dataset that we need, we will just need to call it from the JDBC Binder.

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This is the outcome.

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