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  • Deadlines act as a timer which triggers an exception transition to another activity when a specified duration has elapsed. Deadlines can be set for each activity.
  • We set time limits on each activity, which will trigger an exception (in this case, a specific string variable). When a matching transition that has the condition set to 'exception' matches this string value, the transition will be invoked.


titleLearning More

Download the tutorial app on Process Deadline from Joget Workflow Marketplace to learn more.


Types of Deadlines

  • Deadline execution can be synchronous or asynchronous.
  • For synchronous execution, the current activity will no longer be active when the deadline is triggered.  This is used in cases such as an approval escalation.
  • For asynchronous execution, the next activity will be executed while the current activity is still waiting.  This is used in cases such as sending reminders.
  • Multiple deadlines are supported for each activity.