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Field ID to control available options based on Grouping

Dynamically change the available options based on the "grouping" attribute defined in the options by matching the current value of the element ID defined. Also knowns as a cascade select box where the first select box choice determines the second select box list of options. You can download the demonstration


app  ISIC List  from the Joget Marketplace.

If you are using Database SQL Query to populate the Select Box, Joget will use the field ID/IDs in the "Field ID to control available options based on Grouping" property in the SQL WHERE condition. If you need to pass more than one parameter, use the semicolon character to separate the parameters, for example "location;username". An example of the SQL query is as follows:

Code Block
SELECT * FROM tableName
WHERE c_location = (?) AND c_username = (?)

When Joget runs the above SQL in the Select Box, it will "plug" in the current Form location value and the username into the respective SQL conditional fields and retrieve the records accordingly.


Size (Rows)

Determines the number of rows of selection to be shown.

This option is useful when multiple selections are expected. An integer value is expected here.


Determines if the element is editable.

Display field as Label when readonly?

Displays the value of the element as plain text when an element is set to "Readonly".