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NameDescriptionScreens (Click to view)

Element ID (By declaring as "view_existing_claim", a corresponding database table column "c_view_existing_claim" will be created)

Please see Form Element for more information about defining the ID and list of reserved IDs.

LabelElement Label to be displayed to the end-user.

Target Form to be loaded.

titleUsage of Hash Variable

The use of Hash Variables inside the target form is permissible but may be limited due to the nature of how the form is loaded.

Example 1: One can use #requestParam.primaryKey# to access the record ID.

Example 2: One can use #form.tableName.fieldId[{requestParam.primaryKey}]# to access field value of the given record ID.



NameDescriptionScreens (Click to view)
Reload SubForm when Parent Field value change?

Dynamically reload the subform when parent field value changes.


Parent Field value here refers to the

Parent Field to keep Subform ID setting in the next tab.


Determines if the element is editable.

Display field as Label when read-only?

Displays the value of the element as plain text when an element is set to "Readonly".

Display without frame?
Decorator option. Removes default styling applied to SubForm when checked.
Make the AJAX Subform collapsible.