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Chart Menu Properties

Configure Chart Menu

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Figure 1: Edit Chart Properties


Order ByColumn to be sorted in the graph dataset. This would affect how the graph is plotted.
  • ASC
  • DESC
X-axis Value 
X-axis label. 
Y-axis Values
Y-axis dataset.

Chart Options Properties

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Figure 4: Chart Options


X-axis Label 
X-axis Label 
X-axis display as
  • Category
  • Number
  • Date
Y-axis Label 
Y-axis Label 
Y-axis Prefix
Y-axis Prefix
Show Legend?
If checked, the legend will be shown in the generated graph.
Show Value Label in Chart?
If checked, the value label will be shown in the generated graph.
Stack Series?
If checked, this will affect the generated graph.
Display as Horizontal Chart?
Display as Horizontal Chart.

Width in character, for example 100%.


Height in character, example 300px.


Series color. Optional field.

Comma-separated values (CSV) of color codes.

Example 1: #3333FF,#66FF00,#FF9933,#990000

Example 2
: red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo

titleWhat are the default colors?

Advanced Properties

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Figure 5: Advanced Properties