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Steps to use this element

  1. Start the Joget server and open the App Center.

  2. Login as admin and click on Design New App (See Figure 1) or click on any of your existing applications.

  3. For a new application, fill up the App ID with camel case, App Name, and click on Save button. (See Figure 2)

  4. Create a New Form, fill up Form ID with camel case, Form Name, and click on Save button. (See Figure 3)

  5. Drag and drop a few text fields and Save the Form.
  6. Click on Generate App on the top right corner, tick GENERATE PROCESS - APPROVAL PROCESS, and click Generate.

  7. Edit the userview and drag in a List element and a Process Status element into any category. (See Figure 4)

  8. Edit the List element to display your only datalist in the app. (In this case, it is List - Basic Form)

  9. Edit the Process Status and add a custom ID and configure the View Permission. (See Figure 5). Take note of how the Process Status menu is reading the "Record Id" - we are using request parameter hash variable.

  10. Next, configure the datalist and add a hyperlink to the details. (See Figure 6)

  11. After that, configure the hyperlink and save the datalist. (See Figure 7). This is where we link the Process Status menu to the specific process instance record from the list by passing over the request parameter "id".

  12. You can test the Process Status after you run a process in the userview and click the hyperlink in the datalist to view the process status.

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